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3 Minute Thesis

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Heat 1 Results (March 19, 2018)

1st place: Kuukuwa Andam (Law)

2nd place: Frances Wallace (Art History)

3rd place: Shannon Neville (Biomedical Engineering)

People's Choice: Shannon Neville (Biomedical Engineering)


Heat 2 Results (March 21, 2018)

1st place:  Jasmine Buddingh (Chemistry)

2nd place: Sawyer Hogenkamp (Education)

3rd place: Judith Ebegbulem (Chemical Engineering)

People's Choice: Jasmine Buddingh (Chemistry)


Heat 3 Results (March 23, 2018)

1st place:  Priyanka Gogna (Epidemiology)

2nd place: Jennifer Williams (Kinesiology & Health Studies)

3rd place: Debrah Zemanek (Civil Engineering)

People's Choice: Priyanka Gogna (Epidemiology)


2018 Photo Gallery Final


Heat 3 Gallery

Heat 3 participants


Valeria Vendries

Somayeh Mirzaee

Shahreen Shehwar

Brian Cox

Jennifer Williams

Emily Leach

Debrah Zemanek

Jordan Crocker

Courtney Bannerman

Dhruv Bisaria

Aschille Clarke-Mendes

Priyanka Gogna

Courtney Books

Valeria Vendries presenting

Somayeh Mirzaee presenting

Shahreen Shehwar presenting

Brian Cox presenting

Jennifer Williams presenting

Emily Leach presenting

Debrah Zemanek presenting

Jordan Crocker presenting

Courtney Bannerman presenting

Dhruv Bisaria presenting

Aschille Clarke-Mendes presenting

Priyanka Gogna presenting

Courtney Books presenting


Judges and volunteers

timekeeper and videographer

Peoples Choice winner - Priyanka Gogna and Marta Straznicky

3rd place - Debrah Zamanek with Marta Straznicky

1st place - Priyanka Gogna with Marta Straznicky


Heat 2 Gallery

Heat 2 - presenters and judges

Loretta Idowu

Jo-Ellen Worden

Shamik Sen

Judith Ebegbulem

Ting Li

Melissa Munoz

Sawyer Hogenkamp

Jasmine Buddingh

Kayla Dettinger

Gillian Thiel

Loretta Idowu presenting

Jo-Ellen Worden presenting

Shamik Sen  presenting

Judith Ebegbulem presenting

Ting Li presenting

Melissa Munoz presenting

Sawyer Hogenkamp presenting

Jasmine Buddingh presenting

Kayla Dettinger presenting

Gillian Thiel presenting

Peoples Choice winner - Jasmine Buddingh with James REynolds

3rd place - Judith Ebegbulem with James Reynolds

2nd place - Sawyer Hogenkamp with James Reynolds

1st place - Jasmine Buddingh with James Reynolds


Heat 1 Gallery

Heat1 - Participants and judges

Heat1 - Heena Mistry

Heat 1 - Voila David

Heat 1 - Matthew Cormier

Heat 1 - Frances Wallace

Heat 1 - Kuukuwa Andam

Heat 1 - Shannon Neville

Heena Mistry presenting

Voila David presenting

Matthew Cormier presenting

Frances Wallace presenting

Kuukuwa Andam presenting

Shannon Neville presenting

1st place - Kuukuwa Andam & James Reynolds

2nd place - Frances Wallace and James Reynolds

3rd place - Shannon Neville and James Reynolds

Voila David and James Reynolds

Peoples Choice - Shannon Neville and James Reynolds

Participants heat 1

Heat 1 - participants and judges