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Aboriginal Student Access and Support Working Group

This group supports the following policy objectives:

  • To enhance equitable access and participation of Aboriginal learners in all programs and services at Queen’s University;
  • To increase the admission, retention, and academic success of Aboriginal students by developing and providing programs - including bridging and access programs and specialized counselling supports - that strive to increase access and support achievement.



Ann Tierney 

Arig al Shaibah

Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs - Chair

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Don Ames 

Leah Combs

Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment

Queen's Native Student Association

Sandra den Otter

Lisa Doxtator

Barbara Emorine

School of Graduate Studies

Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

Office of the University Registrar

Lynn Freeman

Janice Hill 

Melanie Howard 

School of Policy Studies

Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

Aboriginal Access to Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Doug Maracle

Tyendinaga Mohawk Council 

 Laura Maracle 

Vanessa McCourt

Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre (Secretary)

Stuart Pinchin

Colette Steer

Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment

School of Graduate Studies