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Queen's University

Academic Integrity @ Queen's

Common Misconceptions (II)

5.   It’s okay if I forgot or didn’t know that I was plagiarizing/ breaching other aspects of academic integrity.
It is your responsibility to understand what conduct is not permitted at the University. "Not knowing" is not an excuse, so you should familiarize yourself with the forms of academic dishonesty and school policies, or ask your instructor if you are still unclear.

6.   Sharing information with friends on an assignment is alright.
There is a distinction between inappropriate collaboration and group work. If the work is meant to be independent, you are breaching academic integrity by discussing answers with others. If your instructor does not mention, it is your responsibility to find out, rather than assume that it is collaborative group work.

7.   Submitting papers that I buy online is not plagiarizing – if not, I wouldn’t be able to buy them in the first place.
This is definitely not true. The act of you purchasing a paper not written by yourself to submit is plagiarism. You should always submit work that you do on your own.

8.   I’m at a disadvantage if everyone cheats except for me.
If others are earning their marks and even degrees by cheating their way through, it won't be long before they get caught. Further, they will not develop the necessary skills for the workplace. Holding yourself to high academic integrity in learning will pay off in the future and make you proud of a degree that you worked hard to get.

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