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Interesting Facts (II)

Did you know?

Research on WHY students cheat have found the following reasons:


  • Time pressure: Students feeling like they could not complete course work in the time required
  • Knowledge: Students feeling they did not have the knowledge to complete an assignment
  • Trust relationship with faculty member: Students did not want to disappoint a relationship with had with a faculty member over a poor assignment
  • Culture: If everyone else is cheating, students did not want to be at an disadvantage.

Thus, knowing more about these motives you may be susceptible to will decrease your likelihood or breaching academic integrity.


Did you know?

Here are some other interesting facts on academic dishonesty according to Online Education Database:

  1. 60.8% of polled college students admitted to cheating.
  2. The same poll revealed that 16.5% of them didn't regret it.
  3. Cheaters have higher GPAs.
  4. The public is more concerned with cheating than college officials.
  5. Cheating college students likely start in high school.
  6. In fact, 85% of them think cheating is essential.
  7. 95% of cheaters don't get caught.
  8. Top-tier paper mill website average about 8,000 hits a day.

Does this mean you should cheat? What would you do if you knew that people you relied on (doctors, lawyers, teachers, coworkers in the workplace) cheated throughout their academic careers? Would you trust them?

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