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Goal 2.1: Differentiating Queen’s

To develop a niche position as Canada’s only research-intensive university that offers both high-quality graduate degrees in selected fields and a rich undergraduate educational experience.

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One Response to “Goal 2.1: Differentiating Queen’s”

  1. Chris Davidson says:

    I think this goal is exactly on track with how Queen’s should position itself. For years the idea has been (rather facetiously) thrown around that Queen’s is “the Harvard of the north”; however, if we were truly to look for a good “role-model” in the United States, I would suggest Princeton. Princeton has a very strong focus on undergraduate studies and the undergraduate experience while maintaining a research reputation. Queen’s should study what Princeton does to keep this mix and attempt to replicate it as best it can given financial constraints.
    Other than that, my suggestions for attaining this goal are: keep class size as small as possible, making sure that undergraduates have mostly small seminars in 3rd and 4th year (this will be most difficult given funding constraints, but Queen’s must look to its alumni for funding assistance), ensure that distinguished professors teach undergraduate courses as well as graduate courses, keep the size of the university small, attract more distinguished professors with endowed chairs, endowed visiting professorships, and have some sort of recognition programme (e.g. “Distinguished University Professor”), put significant focus on the humanities (for their intrinsic value but also because focusing on humanities can be economical.)

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