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The goals are as follows:

1. Planning for the Future

  • Goal 1.1: Shared Values
    To identify and agree on the values we share at Queen’s that will serve as a guide to academic planning.
  • Goal 1.2: The “Queen’s Experience”
    To capture the essence of what studying at Queen’s involves, and ensure that this unique experience is preserved and enhanced. Students cherish the “Queen’s experience” and we need to preserve its distinctiveness.
  • Goal 1.3: Performance Indicators
    To improve on the collection, analysis and interpretation of performance indicators in order to provide timely feedback on our successes and failures.

2. Differentiating Queen’s

  • Goal 2.1: Differentiating Queen’s
    To develop a niche position as Canada’s only research-intensive university that offers both high-quality graduate degrees in selected fields and a rich undergraduate educational experience.

3. The Core Missions

4. The Learning Experience

5. The Queen’s Community

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