Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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International Baccalaureate Admission Requirements

General Requirements

In order to be considered for admission, IB Diploma candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the full IB Diploma with passes in six subjects with three at the Higher Level, and a minimum grade total of 28 (excluding bonus points).
  • Satisfy all admission criteria, including prerequisite courses, for the desired program
  • Present a competitive score for the desired program
  • Complete and submit a Personal Statement of Experience and Supplementary Essay. For all programs, with the exception of Commerce, the PSE is optional - but recommended. If you have applied to our Commerce program, the PSE and Supplementary Essary are mandatory requirements and must be submitted by February 15, 2016.
Please note that IB Further Mathematics and IB Mathematical Studies are not acceptable prerequisites for the following programs:
  • Bachelor of Commerce (QC)
  • Bachelor of Computing (QD)
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (QE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering: Electrical and Computer Engineering Stream (QEC)
  • QBridge Engineering (QXE)
  • Bachelor of Science (QS)
  • Bachelor of Science - First-Year Studies in England (QIS)
  • Bachelor of Science - Concurrent Education (QF)
  • QBridge Science (QXS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (QK)
 When making admission decisions, Queen’s will consider:
  • Prerequisite preparation at either the Higher or Standard Level
  • IB Results and provincial percentage grades/GPA. We will use whichever results work to your best advantage.


  1. An applicant’s eligibility for admission to any ­program at Queen’s is not affected by the order of choice of universities ­indicated on the ­application.
  2. The University reserves the right to limit access to courses or programs, at its discretion, and to withdraw particular programs, options, or courses altogether. In such circumstances, the University undertakes, to the best of its ability, to enable students registered in affected programs, to complete their degree requirements. The Senate and the Board of Trustees of Queen’s University reserve the right to make changes in courses, ­programs and regulations described in this Viewbook, in either its printed or electronic forms, at any time without prior notice.

* SL Mathematical Studies and SL Further Mathematics are not acceptable prerequisites

Program-Specific Requirements

Program [Application Code]

Prerequisite Courses Required

Arts [QA]

First-Year Studies In England [QIA]

Concurrent Education/Arts [QB]

Concurrent Education/Arts (at the BISC) [QIB]

QBridge Arts [QXA]


Science [QS]

Concurrent Education/Arts [QF]

First-Year Studies in England [QIS]

QBridge Science [QXS]

English, Mathematics* plus two of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
Computing [QD] English and Mathematics.*

Fine Art [QT]

Concurrent Education/Fine Art [QTT]

English. Portfolio Examination.

Music [QM]

Concurrent Education/Music [QMM]

English. For Royal Conservatory of Music levels, please contact the Dan School of Drama and Music. Personal audition, interview and aural discrimination test.
Physical and Health Education [QPH] Biology and English.
Kinesiology [QK] Biology, English and Mathematics*, plus one of Chemistry or Physics.
Commerce [QC]

HL or SL Mathematics* and English. Minimum English and Mathematics anticipated final score of 5. (Predicted/final)

Engineering [QE]

Engineering and Computer Engineering Stream [QEC]

QBridge Engineering [QXE]

HL or SL Mathematics*, Chemistry, Physics and English. Minimum English final score of 4.

Nursing Science [QN]

Biology, Chemistry, English and Mathematics. Minimum English final score of 4.


IB Transfer Credits

Up to 18 transfer credit units are granted to candidates for Higher Level (HL) subjects in which a final grade of five or higher is achieved (six for Applied Science). For HL subjects in which the course content closely parallels the content of a specific first-year Queen’s course, ­specific credit is awarded.

For those HL ­subjects which do not have a direct equivalent at Queen’s, an ‘elective’ credit is granted. These elective credits may be counted towards the completion of a degree, but they do not replace other courses at Queen’s.

IB Transfer Credit Listing