Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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Prince Edward Island

General Requirements

Five academic courses including English, at the 611 or 621 level.

Program-Specific Requirements

Program [Application Code]

Prerequisite Courses Required

Arts [QA]

First Year Studies in England [QIA]

Concurrent Education/Arts [QB]

Concurrent Education/Arts (at the BISC) [QIB]

QBridge Arts [QXA]

English 621 plus four additional academic Grade 12 courses.

Science [QS]

Concurrent Education/Science [QF]

First-Year Studies in England [QIS]

QBridge Science [QXS]

English 621, Mathematics 611B, plus two of: Biology 621, Chemistry 621, or Physics 621; and one additional academic Grade 12 course.
Computing [QD] English 621, Mathematics 611B, plus three additional academic Grade 12 courses.

Fine Art [QT]

Concurrent Education/Fine Art [QTT]

English 621, plus four additional Grade 12 courses. Portfolio Examination.

Music [QM]

Concurrent Education/Music [QMM]

English 621 plus four additional academic Grade 12 courses. Music requirements as for Ontario or Quebec. Personal audition, interview and aural discrimination test.
Kinesiology [QK] English 621, Biology 621, Mathematics 611B, Chemistry 621, and Physics 621.
Commerce [QC]

English 621, Mathematics 611B, with minimum grades of 80%, plus three additional academic Grade 12 courses.

Engineering [QE]

Engineering and Computer Engineering Stream [QEC]

QBridge Engineering [QXE]

English 621, Chemistry 621, Mathematics 611B, Physics 621. Final grade in English 621 must be 70%.

Note: Engineering admission average is calculated using only the prerequisite subjects.

Nursing Science [QN]

English 621, Biology 621, Chemistry 621, any Mathematics 600 (except Math 621K), plus one additional academic Grade 12 course. Final grade in English 621 must be 75%.


Admission notes for students completing the PEI Curriculum

Please note for application purposes, Queen's University requires you to submit a High School Issued transcript that includes courses you are currently enrolled in as well as courses you are registered in for your 2nd Semester (if in a Semestered/Term High School). Applicants whom have been offered admission will be required to submit a Final transcript directly from their High School.

Students whom have already completed and received their PEI Diploma must arrange for a Final High School transcript indicating graduation to be sent directly to Queen's from their previous High School in order to complete their document requirements.

Acceptable Academic Pre-requisite Courses
  • English 621
  • Mathematics 611
  • Biology 621
  • Chemistry 621
  • Physics 621
Acceptable Additional Academic Courses
  • French 621
  • History 621
  • Geography 621
  • Oceanography 621
  • Mathematics 621A
  • Mathematics 621B
  • Economics 621
  • Any AP course
    Courses NOT Acceptable for Admission Purposes
    • Art
    • Computers
    • Music
    • Animal Science
    • Family Studies
    • Physical Education
    • Housing
    • Political Science 621

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