Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE)

Candidates who complete the diploma with at least six unit courses are eligible for consideration. Prerequisite courses must be offered at the 2-unit level, excluding Communication Studies. The competitive average for admission consideration is II or B.

Program [Application Code] Prerequisite Courses Required

Arts [QA]

First-Year Studies in England [QIA]

Concurrent Education/Arts [QB]

Concurrent Education/Arts (at the BISC) [QIB]

QBridge Arts [QXA]

Communication Studies.  

Science [QS]

Concurrent Education/Science[QF]

First-Year Studies in England [QIS]

QBridge Science [QXS]

Communication Studies, Mathematics, plus two of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

Computing [QD]  Communications Studies and Mathematics.

Fine Art [QT]

Concurrent Education/Fine Art [QTT]

Communication Studies. Portfolio Examination.

Music [QM]

Concurrent Education/Music [QMM]

Communication Studies. Personal Audition, interview, and aural discrimination test.
Music Theatre [QMT]

Communication Studies. Personal Audition.

Physical and Health Education [QPH]

More information about Physical and Health Education is available here: http://www.queensu.ca/artsci/node/622

Kinesiology [QK]

Communication Studies, Biology, and Mathematics, plus one of Chemistry or Physics. 

Commerce [QC] Communication Studies and Mathematics with minimum grades of I or A.

Engineering [QE]

Electrical and Computer Engineering Stream [QEC]

QBridge Engineering [QXE]

Communication Studies, Math, Chemistry, and Physics. Minimum Communication Studies final grade of II or B.                                                                 
Nursing Science [QN] Communication Studies, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Minimum Communication Studies final grade of II or B.