Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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Bachelor of Music Theatre (BMT)

A small, program designed to provide aspiring musical theatre professionals with both academic study and practical training in three cores disciplines of acting, singing, and dance. This unique “triple threat” program will allow students to hone their skills by performing in front of audiences, in studio, main stage productions and in unique productions where students learn to create and produce original theatrical pieces. Students will also receive mentoring from faculty and guest industry professionals to become competent and job-ready for a competitive and rapidly changing industry. Students complete the first two years of the program through St. Lawrence College, Brockville and their final two years at Queen’s University.


Admission to the joint Bachelor of Music Theatre program between St. Lawrence College and Queen’s University begins with an application through the OUAC (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre) website (ouac.on.ca) using the QMT program code. Please review our Admission Requirements section for pre-requisite courses. 


Following your application you must successfully complete an audition through St. Lawrence College. Auditions will take place in Brockville, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario. Those residing outside of these areas are to submit a digital audition. Upon receipt of your application you will be sent more information regarding the audition process. For information regarding your audition please contact Janet Venn-Jackson, Program Coordinator, at jvennjackson@sl.on.ca.