Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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Why study Nursing at Queen's?

Your first year in this professional degree program will provide you with a strong foundation in science. You'll take courses in biochemistry, psychology and anatomy and physiology, and other relevant subjects. In later years, you'll build on this foundation, learning how to care for patients and their families in acute, chronic and long-term care in hospitals, clinics and the community.

Nursing students can choose to complete their electives at the Bader International Study Centre in East Sussex, England, during one spring session.

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What can you do with your degree? 

Planning your future can be stressful but Queen's has developed a formula that will help you find your success.

The Major Maps are a series of maps tailored specifically to each undergraduate program. Like a physical map, they will help you navigate the opportunities at Queen's and stay on track with your goals. These Major Maps provide advice on academics, extra-curriculars, networking, international opportunities and career development all in one place.

Nursing Major Map