Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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Social Sciences

Why study Social Sciences at Queen's?

Blended learning, the exciting new undergraduate teaching style here at Queen's that combines technology, such as podcasts with a cooperative, interactive classroom approach. It was introduced in Psychology 100 and has spread to many other introductory courses.

In addition to our degree programs, Social Sciences also offers three certificates, in Gender Studies, International Studies and Geographic Information Science, for students interested in augmenting their studies in another degree program. These are open to all students, not matter their course of study.

Learn more about studying Social Sciences at Queen's.

What can you do with your degree? 

Planning your future can be stressful but Queen's has developed a formula that will help you find your success.

The Major Maps are a series of maps tailored specifically to each undergraduate program. Like a physical map, they will help you navigate the opportunities at Queen's and stay on track with your goals. These Major Maps provide advice on academics, extra-curriculars, networking, international opportunities and career development all in one place.

Economics Major Map

Environmental Studies Major Map

Gender Studies Major Map

Geography Major Map

Global Development Studies Major Map

Health Studies Major Map

Physical and Health Sciences Major Map

Political Studies Major Map

Psychology Major Map

Sociology Major Map