Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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English Requirement Appeals

Applicants who have been asked to submit a test of facility in English and believe that this is not applicable to them may follow this process.

Send a brief letter regarding this to:
Undergraduate Admission
Gordon Hall, 74 Union Street
Queen’s University
Kingston ON
K7K 3N6

Also indicate the school(s) that you have attended, including the length of time.

To support your claim, arrange to have your school(s) send official documentation – such as a school profile or letter from the principal. The documentation must indicate that the medium of instruction at the school(s) is entirely in English. We also need the school principal’s name and contact information. 

Once we receive this documentation, we will review it and inform you of our decision.

If we determine that you still are required to provide an English facility test, you will have to submit an acceptable result by April 30th.