Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology programs

Students coming to Queen's from an Ontario Community College program may be eligible to receive credit toward their Queen's degree for completion of a 2 or 3-year diploma program. Each Queen's faculty and school treats these programs differently, and the number of credits granted to students varies by program. 

Faculty of Arts & Science, Smith School of Business, and School of Computing

Graduates of a 2-year Diploma program*

Students who have completed a 2-year diploma program are eligible to receive a maximum of 18.0 units of unspecified 100-level credit toward their Queen's degree program in the Faculty of Arts & Science or the School of Computing.

*Only those students admitted after September 2015 who hold a 2-year diploma are eligible for 18.0 units of transfer credit

Graduates of a 3-year Diploma Program

Students who have completed a three-year diploma program are eligible to receive a maximum of 30 credit units (the equivalent of one year) toward their Queen's degree program in the Faculty of Arts & Science (including Fine Art & Music) and the Schools of Business and Computing. 3-year diploma holders may request review of specified transfer credits in some cases. Please contact the Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment Office for more information on this.


Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science

Graduates of a three-year technology program may receive up to the equivalent of one year of university studies after they have completed their first-year in the general Engineering program. The credits are granted to students who choose an Engineering program that is similar to their college diploma program. These credits tend to be mostly at the second year level. 


School of Nursing 

Graduates of a three-year diploma program entering the School of Nursing receive 18.0 credit units of unspecified credit toward their degree program. Also, depending on the similarity of their college program to the Queen's nursing program, they may receive up to an additional 12 credit units as specified transfer credits.