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Undergraduate Admission

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Students from other Universities

Students entering Queen's who are transferring from another university may be eligible to receive credit toward their Queen's degree program for completed courses taken at their previous institution(s).

Transfer credit assessment will take place after a student has accepted their offer of admission. In order to have their courses assessed for transfer credit, students must electronically submit detailed course outlines to Undergraduate Admission. Please note that paper-based outlines are not accepted. Undergraduate Admission will not request these outlines from a student's previous institution(s) on their behalf. Typically, course outlines can be found through the previous institution's website. Any questions about obtaining course descriptions should be directed to the student's previous institution. Only courses for which course descriptions have been received can be assessed for transfer credit.

Once outlines have been received by Undergraduate Admission, the course information is forwarded directly to the Undergraduate Chair(s) of the department(s) that corresponds to the original course (or to the department that is most similar to the original course). Transferability of a course is based on the grade that the student achieved in the course, as well as the equivalency of that course to Queen's courses. Credit is not granted for courses with a final grade lower than 63% or C. Note that only the credit for the course will be transferred to Queen's, not the grade that the student achieved. Each student's Statement of Transfer Credit is available through SOLUS and will list all credits that have been applied to the student's Queen's degree program.

Students must complete the majority of the academic work required for both their degree program and their concentration through Queen's University.


How do I submit course descriptions?

If you are required to submit course descriptions, please click on the following link to be taken to our online transfer credit request form:

You will need to enter the following information in the online form:


  • University Name (where you took the course)
  • University Subject
  • Course Code
  • Credit Value
  • Attach or copy and paste a detailed course outline 

Once we have received the information electronically, the request for "Post-Secondary Course Descriptions" will be removed from your SOLUS to-do list. 


Please note that paper-based outlines mailed to the Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment office are not accepted for transfer credit review.