Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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Practice Personal Statement of Experience for Upper Year Applicants

Before you sit down to your computer to complete your official PSE for Queen's, take a while to think about it. You might find these documents helpful as you prepare your PSE.

Please note that only those students apply for an upper-year transfer to Commerce or the Advanced Standing Track Nursing program are required to submit an upper-year PSE.

TIP: When you are in the process of submitting your PSE, you will be timed out of your online session after 10 minutes if you have not navigated to another step or saved your work. Please save your PSE and/or Essay every few minutes. If you have timed out, you work will not have been saved, and the system will bring you back to the sign-on screen.

Practice PSE for Upper Year Smith School of Business (PDF, 259KB)

Practice PSE for Upper Year Nursing (PDF, 141KB) 


How do I submit my PSE?
Follow these steps to successfully submit your PSE/Supplementary Essay
1. Go to my.queensu.ca
2. Log into your Student Center using your NetID and password.
3. Click on SOLUS (red tab on the top right corner of the MyQueensU dashboard.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the Admissions heading.
5. Click on the link directly below the heading, entitled Personal Statement of Experience.
6. Complete your PSE and SE. Remember to save often, as the PSE will time-out after 20 minutes.
7. After you have saved your work you must click the Submit button for the PSE to be properly submitted.
8. Record your confirmation number.
9. After successfully submitting your PSE, it will be removed from your To-Do List within 72 hours.