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Undergraduate Admission

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Full-Time Upper-Year Admission 

Smith School of Business

The Bachelor of Commerce program at Queen's University allows students to study:

  • Accounting
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Industrial and Human Relations
  • Management Information Systems

There is a very limited number of upper-year spaces. To be considered for admission, upper-year applicants must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 (B+). However, most successful applicants have a minimum GPA of 3.7 (A-). As well as submitting academic documentation, all upper-year applicants to the Bachelor of Commerce program must fill out a Queen's Commerce Personal Statement of Experience. 

Definition of Upper-Year Candidates

  • Students who have completed a minimum 24 units (or equivalent) at another accredited university or college with a university transfer program. 24 Queen's units are typically 4 full-year courses (one course taken over two terms) or 8 one-term only courses. Upper-year candidates have generally attended university for a minimum of 2 terms taking academic courses - as opposed to applied or professional;
  • Ontario community college students who are in a three-year diploma program and will be graduating;
  • Graduates from three-year Ontario community college diploma programs;
  • CEGEP students who are in the final year of a three-year professional/career program who will be receiving their DEC;
  • Graduates of three-year CEGEP professional/career programs who have their DEC;
  • University graduates applying to do a second undergraduate degree program (See NOTE below).

The Application Procedure

  • Applications must be submitted to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) by 1 June. The OUAC on-line application is available here
  • Acknowledgement letters, indicating what supporting documentation is required, are sent when Undergraduate Admission receives the applications from the OUAC.
  • All documentation requested must be received at Undergraduate Admission by 15 June.
  • Complete files of eligible applicants are reviewed for admission decisions in late June.
  • In early July offers of admission will be sent to candidates whose applications have been approved.

Prerequisite Information

Calculus at either the senior high school or university level is a prerequisite. There are no other specific university-course prerequisites.

Transferability of Courses

  • Transfer credits are assessed by individual departments and are based on grades achieved as well as equivalency to Queen's courses. A "Statement of Transfer Credit" is sent out after the offer of admission. Credit is not granted for courses with a final grade lower than 1.7 (C-).
  • Graduates from Ontario community college three-year diploma programs or from three year professional/career CEGEP programs receive a maximum of 30 units.
  • The regulations of the Smith School of Business state that at least half of the work required for a degree must be completed at Queen's University if a Queen's degree is to be awarded. Students admitted to third year normally take a minimum of two and a half year of study to satisfy the course requirements for a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Important to Note

  • Queen's University does not operate on a semester system; full-time admission to an undergraduate program is possible only in September.
  • Residence accommodation is not guaranteed for upper-year applicants. To investigate other housing options, visit the Queen's Community Housing website.

Further Information

Smith School of Business information is available on their website here

The Smith School of Business calendar may be viewed on-line here

Note For Second-Degree Applicants

Candidates who have already completed an undergraduate degree at Queen's or another academic institution are encouraged to consider applying either:

  • As a post-degree student on a non-degree program.
    Post-degree students on a non-degree program are permitted to take courses in the School of Business for one or two terms during one academic year. To be considered as such a candidate, please apply directly to Undergraduate Admission no later than 1 July.

  • to an MBA program

Information is available on the MBA website.