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Undergraduate Admission

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Full-Time Upper-Year Admission

School of Computing

To be considered for full-time admission to the Bachelor of Computing program in the Faculty of Arts & Science, upper-year applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) or 2.6 (high C+). Within the School of Computing, students can specialize in any of the following areas: Biomedical Computing, Computing, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Computing and Mathematics, and Software Design. Computing also offers Computing & the Creative Arts through the Bachelor of Arts program.

Definition of Upper-Year Candidates

  • Students who have attempted a minimum of 24.0 units (or equivalent) at another accredited university or college with a university transfer program. Twenty four (24.0) Queen's units are typically 4 full-year courses (one course taken over two terms) or 8 one-term only courses. Upper-year candidates have generally attended university for a minimum of 2 terms;
  • Ontario community college students who are in a three-year diploma program and will be graduating;
  • Graduates from three-year Ontario community college diploma programs;
  • CEGEP students who are in the final year of a three-year professional / career program who will be receiving their DEC;
  • Graduates of a three-year CEGEP professional / career program who have their DEC.

Transferability of Courses

  • Transfer credits are assessed by individual departments and are based on grades achieved as well as equivalency to Queen's courses. Students are informed of their transfer credits after the offer of admission has been sent. Credit is not granted for courses with a final grade lower than 2.0 (C).
  • Graduates from Ontario community college three-year diploma programs or from CEGEP three-year professional / career programs receive a maximum of 30.0 units, which is the equivalent of one year or two terms of university studies.
  • The Faculty of Arts & Science requires that students complete the majority of their academic work at Queen's University in order to receive a degree. For a four-year Honours program, this is a minimum of 66.0 units through Queen's with appropriate courses in the major. For a three-year General program, this is a minimum of 48.0 units through Queen's with appropriate courses in the minor. Note: in the Faculty of Arts & Science students in a full course load generally take 5 full-year courses or 10 one-term only courses in a year, which translates into 30.0 units over the course of an academic year. Sixty-six (6.0) units, therefore, refer to approximately two years of full-time study over two terms and 48.0 units requires 1.5 years at Queen's. 

The Application Procedure

Entry Term Application Open Application Close Document Deadline Application Link
Summer Entry January 1 March 31 April 15 Summer Entry Online Application
  • Acknowledgement emails, advising what supporting documentation is required, are sent when Undergraduate Admission receives the applications from the OUAC.
  • Admission offers will be made on a rolling basis as an application is complete.

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