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Queen's University

Internal Transfer to the School of Nursing

This page contains information for Queen's students interested in either the Four-year Nursing program or the Two-year Advanced Standing (AST) program.

Four-Year Bachelor Of Nursing Science Track of Study

Admission Requirements: 

Students in other Faculties or Schools at Queen's University are normally considered as first-year applicants to the School of Nursing (see below for the Advanced Standing Track program). To be eligible, all applicants must have a minimum cumulative 2.7 (B- ) Grade Point Average using all university courser taken.  They must also have taken Ontario 4U English Literature (with a minimum final grade of 75%), 4U Biology, 4U Chemistry, and one 4U Mathematics, or their equivalents.  University-level equivalents are accepted and a university-level Statistics course is accepted in place of the required high school Mathematics.

Although academic performance is the most important factor in making admission decisions, it is not the only one. Queen's School of Nursing is seeking students who show a strong motivation to pursue the profession of nursing, an ability to relate to others, as well as initiative and perseverance in academic studies.

All applicants must submit a Personal Statement of Experience (PSE). This will appear as an item on the To-Do List on your SOLUS (which you will access through You will find a link to the PSE system on SOLUS.

  • The selection committee will review complete application files in the spring. Applicants will then be notified of their decision.
  • Application Deadline:        1 February
  • Documents Deadline:       1 March
  • Admissions Decisions:      mid-May  

Students who do not have final grades of prerequisite courses by the document deadline date of 1 February will be considered provided there is space left in the program when these final grades are received.

Two-Year Advanced Standing Track (AST)

The School of Nursing also offers a Bachelor of Nursing Science - Advanced Standing Track (AST) program. This is a two-year program for students applying to transfer into Nursing from other disciplines with at least 60.0 university credit units, including a full-year introductory Psychology course* and a full-year Human Physiology course*.  (*See below for more details.)

Applicants should have a minimum cumulative 2.7 (B-) Grade Point Average (GPA) using the grades of all university courses taken, and not just the final two years.

Admission Requirements:

   High School:

  • Senior secondary school English Literature (with a minimum final grade of 75%), Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics (or the equivalent at University.)  A university-level Statistics course satisfies the high school Mathematics requirement.
  • A minimum of 60.0 credit units
  • Psychology: One 6.0 credit unit introductory course (or one 3.0 credit unit introductory course plus another 3.0 credit unit Psychology course, the second of which cannot be Developmental Psychology or a Statistics in Psychology course.)  Minimum C- or 60% grade required.
  • Physiology: 6.0 credit units in Human Physiology (or 3.0 credit units in Human Physiology plus 3.0 credit units in Human Anatomy.)  Minimum C- or 60% grade required.

Introductory Psychology and Human Physiology/Anatomy courses must have been completed within the last 5 years.

Prerequisite courses (university Psychology and Physiology/Anatomy, high school English literature, Chemistry, Biology, Math) must be completed by 30 June.  Applicants who will not have a final grade of a prerequisite course by the document deadline (1 February) will be considered only if there is still space in the program when the final grade is received.

Click here for a list of some Psychology and Physiology courses acceptable from other universities.  

Please note SCS 2159 offered through the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto does not satisfy the Physiology requirement of the Nursing AST program.

Note:  Acceptable Psychology and Physiology courses are also available online through Queen’s Continuing and Distance Studies (CDS). Click here for details  


Acceptable Courses

Queen's Univ

PHGY 210, 212, 214

KNPE 125 or 225 AND  (ANAT 100, 101, 312, 315 or 316)  

KNPE 125 or 225 AND  (ANAT 215 AND ANAT 216) 

Athabasca Univ BIOL 230 or BIOL 235 (only one is required)
Thompson Rivers Univ

HLSC 159 and HLSC 169 (both required)

KINE 3259 + KINE 1059 (both required)


Acceptable Courses

 Queen's Univ

PSYC 100

 Athabasca Univ PSYC 289 and PSYC 290 (both required)



Two years. The first year runs from September to June 30 (3 terms) and the second year from September to August 31 (4 terms).

Transfer Credit Units and Course Load

Although students are eligible to receive applicable transfer credit units to a maximum of 30.0 credit units, students must be registered in a full normal course load in all terms of their program. 


A maximum of 40 students are admitted each year.

Admission Average

 A minimum GPA of 3.0 (B standing) in University studies.


Applications must be submitted through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) using a 105D Application.  (Note to past or present Queen's students:  you are not required to submit a Queen's transcript.)    


4-Year Nursing Program - Professor Christina Godfrey at  

2-Year Advanced Standing Program - Ms Barb Bolton at

Admission-related questions - Undergraduate Admission at:


Applicant Information:  All applications must be submitted through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) using a 105D Application:  
Application Deadline:  1 January
Document Deadline:   1 February
Admission Decisions:   mid-April

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000