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Information for St. Lawrence College Civil Engineering Technology Students

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Interested in the Civil Engineering Degree Program at Queen's University

As a student in the Civil Engineering Technology program at St. Lawrence College, you have the opportunity - during the last semester of your college program - to begin studies in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen's University. You may apply to be admitted as a special student in the Queen's first-year engineering program for the Winter Term. If admitted, you will be permitted to take two mathematics courses - APSC 172 (Calculus) and APSC 174 (Linear Algebra).

Who is eligible?

  • Students in their final year of the St. Lawrence College Civil Engineering Technology program with a minimum cumulative B standing.
  • Graduates of the program with a minimum cumulative B standing.
  • Please Note: Applicants must have completed Gr. 12 Chemistry (SCH4U or equivalent) in addition to completing the St. Lawrence Civil Bridging program for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering) program.

How to Apply: 

  • Application will be available in September 
  • Applications must be submitted to Queen's Undergraduate Admission by 15 November. 

Please note that this application will be used for both:

  • Part time admission consideration to take APSC 172 and APSC 174 in the Winter Term , AND
  • Full-time admission consideration to the Civil Engineering program for Fall Term.

What documentation is needed to support your application?

For part time, Winter admission to APSC 172 and APSC 174

  • St. Lawrence transcript including third year Fall semester courses in progress.
  • your secondary school transcript.

This must be submitted to Queen's Undergraduate Admission by 1 December .

For full-time, Fall upper-year admission to Civil Engineering:

  • An official St. Lawrence transcript showing final grades and diploma granted,
  • if applicable, other required documentation specified by Undergraduate Admission.

The deadline for receipt of these documents is 15 June.

When will a decision for Winter Term admission be made?

  • The Associate Dean reviews applications and makes decisions by mid-December.
  • Classes for APSC 172 and APSC 174 begin in mid-February.

What transfer credits are granted from the St. Lawrence program toward a Queen's Civil Engineering program?

  • Students who successfully complete APSC 172 and APSC 174 are considered for upper-year admission to a degree program when a transcript indicating their final St. Lawrence College marks is received by Undergraduate Admission. Transfer credits granted depend on the courses taken in the St. Lawrence College program and on the marks obtained.