Undergraduate Admission


Undergraduate Admission

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November 5th 2016November 19th 2016

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Schedule of Events
Saturday November 19th 2016

We have a busy event-filled day planned across campus. Some of the many events we have planned are:

  • Campus Tours: Get a feel for what campus is like. Help orient yourself and feel free to ask your tour guide anything!
  • Attend a Lecture: Some of Queen's most celebrated professors will be giving guest lectures, get a sense for what class is like.
  • Tour Residence: Take a look at what our residences are like.
  • Taste the Food: Have Lunch in our Dining Halls, try out our food and see why students get meal plans for all four years.
  • Tour Buildings: See Classrooms, Lab spaces, Lecture Halls.
  • Talk to Faculty and Staff: Meet your future professors and see why Queen's is all about people.
  • Attend Sessions: From getting an international experience, to Financing your Education.
  • Connect with Future Students: Meet your future classmates.


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