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Queen's University

QuARMS in Brief

Queen’s University is excited to announce “Queen’s University Accelerated Route to Medical School” or QuARMS.  This new educational initiative will select ten (10) national students per year, who will first undertake 2 years in an undergraduate degree program (arts, sciences, or computing in the Faculty of Arts and Science) , and then gain entrance into the 4-year degree program in the Queen's School of Medicine(in the Faculty of Health Sciences).  This accelerated route to medical school is unique among Canadian universities.  It will be based on an integrated ‘2 +4’ year training program where the first two years will be devoted to acquiring a foundational post-secondary education that will prepare these 10 selected students for entry into the School of Medicine in their third year of undergraduate university.  In additional to their degree-related curriculum, QuARMS students will be exposed to learning experiences that are closely aligned with the core competencies for physicians.  These experiential learning opportunities will hone the students’ skills in advocacy, communication, collaboration, and professionalism. 

Those wishing to be considered for admission to QuARMS must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada.  Students must apply through the Ontario Universities’ Applications Centre (OUAC) for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science (Arts, Science, or Computing).  Students must also be nominated for the Queen's University Chancellor's Scholarship.  In addition to outstanding academic performances and demonstrated participation in extracurricular activities during high school, the Admissions Committee will be assessing the candidates’ attributes in leadership, critical and creative thinking, curiosity, integrity, and altruism, as well as assessing their maturity and ability to relate to others.  High schools may nominate one (1) Chancellor's Scholarship candidate to QuARMS.

In alignment with the Queen’s University Academic Plan, the primary goal of QuARMS is to offer a carefully selected group of 10 students an exciting and innovative 2-year curriculum that will culminate in admission to the first year of medical school at Queen’s.  This represents a unique opportunity to develop a curriculum that draws on foundational information provided by core courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science along with new strategies for inquiry-based learning developed by the School of Medicine

All 10 students will be expected to take a selection of core science and arts courses in their first year at Queen’s.  This strategy recognizes how essential it will be to offer the QuARMS students new opportunities to build on key concepts through interdisciplinary pursuits.  This goal will be realized through a series of enrichment and experiential learning events that tie together concepts in the social sciences, health economics, and core competencies related to the medical profession.  

These 10 students will be encouraged to broaden their interactions within their municipal and provincial communities and develop new connections with other communities in Canada and abroad.  In doing so, they will gain important personal experiences and foster a life-long commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusivity.  The QuARMS students will also play a direct role in promoting a healthy community of students by serving as mentors for new students entering via the Accelerated Route.

In sum, this new educational initiative is aimed shortening the minimum length of undergraduate training for students entering medical school at Queen’s, while at the same time enriching and focusing their curricular and extracurricular university experiences that prepare them for direct entry into medical school. 

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