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The 2015-16 Campus Community Appeal

The Campus Community Appeal is our annual faculty and staff giving campaign. For more than 170 years, our community has been more than a collection of bright minds – Queen’s has attracted people with an ambitious spirit. We imagine what the future can be, and work together to realize it.

Every day, you invest your time and talent in Queen’s and our students. When you extend your contributions to include philanthropy, you express your belief in Queen’s mission and actively support our long-standing culture of excellence.

No other university combines our quality and intensity of research with our excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. Our success is due in large measure to the exceptional faculty and staff who choose to work at Queen’s.

Last year, more than 650 faculty, staff and retirees participated in the Campus Community Appeal by considering where their support is most needed, and making a gift to that area of Queen’s.

The Volunteer Team

With every new year the Campus Community Appeal welcomes a team of new Co-Chairs who lead a group of volunteers from across campus to raise awareness about the Campus Community Appeal.

We all give back to Queen’s – every day – through our invaluable service. We go above and beyond more often than not. The Campus Community Appeal is about investing in the people of Queen’s. People like us. And when we join forces the outcome is remarkable. Together we are making a difference.

2015-16 Campus Community Appeal Volunteer Team

You can designate your gift to just about any area of the University – to find out how you can help your favourite project thrive, please contact Begoña Pereira at 77991. Or, ask one of your volunteers.

Portrait of the four members of the 2014-2015 Campus Community Appeal volunteer team

From left to right: Stuart Pinchin (Staff Co-Chair), Martha Whitehead (Faculty Co-Chair), Terrie Easter Sheen (Staff Co-Chair), Tim Bryant (Faculty Co-Chair)

A few words from our Co-Chairs

The work we do every day gives each of us a unique perspective about where our dollars are most needed at Queen’s. Through the Campus Community Appeal, we have an opportunity to make a difference in a way that is meaningful to us. We can designate our gifts to almost any area of Queen’s – our faculties, student assistance, mental health, the library, archives, community outreach and so many others.

We’ve all witnessed the difference that philanthropy can make, whether it be through our work at Queen’s, our lives in the greater Kingston community, or well beyond our borders. As your Co-Chairs, we wanted to share our thoughts about the impact of philanthropy across campus. Please join us in making your gift today!

Individually, our gifts can be very specific – but, together we are making a difference!

If you have any questions or feedback, or if you are wondering how you can support an area of campus that is meaningful to you, please contact Begoña Pereira at 77991.

Ways to Give

You can direct their gifts to the faculty, fund, or program of your choice through a payment option that works best for you, including payroll deduction.

To learn about ways in which you can incorporate philanthropy into your financial planning visit Supporting Queen’s.

You can designate your gift to just about any area of the University – to find out how you can help your favourite project thrive, please please contact Begoña Pereira at 77991. Or, ask one of your volunteers.

Monthly Giving and Payroll Deduction

With monthly donations you have the option of paying by credit card or, conveniently, have your donation made automatically through your payroll.

A monthly donation to Queen's is a reliable, consistent source of support that allows us to carefully and strategically plan moving forward.

To learn more about all the ways you can support Queen’s, visit Supporting Queen’s.

Your Gift Can Make a Difference

Not all gifts have to be large to be meaningful.  The Queen’s Fund, in particular, allows the university to direct donations to the areas of greatest need.   To learn about all giving opportunities, visit . You can make a gift that supports:

  • provide financial assistance so all qualified students can attend Queen's
  • attract and retain outstanding, innovative and research-driven faculty, who will ensure our students receive an exceptional learning experience
  • enable students and faculty to organize conferences, events and activities that enhance their learning experience
  • provide diverse hands-on experience through varied clinical placement opportunities
  • allow students to participate in clinical and fieldwork placements that they may not otherwise be able to afford
  • supply our labs with the latest equipment and technology
  • ensure our libraries have the latest acquisitions, both online and in print.