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Lori Roy - Gift Administrator

As a Gift Administrator working within the Department of Gift Services, Lori Roy can pin point exactly what she likes best about her job. “It’s definitely being able to talk to the donors,” she explains. “the majority are alumni, and once you get them on the phone and start talking with them, you really realize what an impact this university has had on people.”loriroypicture.jpg

Roy, herself a Queen’s University graduate, has worked for the Office of Advancement for the last two years. After graduating with a BA in Economics, she moved into work with a major bank, and later with a prominent insurance company -- but she always had her sights set on working at Queen’s. “I thought it would be a great place to work,” she says, explaining that she always kept on eye on job postings at the university. When she saw her current position advertised, she knew she’d found her opportunity. “I went for it,” she says happily.

And as a Gift Administrator, Roy says she’s found a position that works well with her interests and experience. From issuing tax receipts for donations to the university, to answering questions from donors over the phone, Roy likes knowing the work she does makes a difference in the life of the university.

But it’s not only what she does that makes her job at Queen’s such a good one. It’s also the work environment. “When I first started here, people were so welcoming right away. I really felt right at home,” she recalls. She also appreciates the fact that the university encourages staff to continue developing new skills. “You can have time to take courses or get certification in something,” she says. “They are really good about giving you the time to do that. I’ve even met people who completed a degree while working!”

Roy says she knows she’s found her “forever” employer.

“In the past, I always liked my work, but eventually found I wanted a change. Being at Queen’s, however, I know I definitely want to stay,” she says. “It’s amazing and very comforting to work at the place where you went to school. I’ve even found myself saying that I wish I’d started working here as soon as I finished my degree. It’s so great!”

It doesn’t hurt that being at Queen’s means she gets to continue living in Kingston, the city where she grew up. It’s a place she describes as being “not too big, not too small... it’s a perfect size, and it’s got everything you’re looking for.” As a mother of two, Roy says it’s also a great place for raising kids. “I’ve lived here my whole life, but I don’t need to go anywhere else,” she laughs. “This is a great place to be.”

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