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Arts'68 Lost Classmates

Alumni gather to reconnect with Queen’s and their former class/club mates during Reunions. Unfortunately, there are some graduates for whom we do not have current contact information.  This means they will not hear about your reunion plans. We are asking for your assistance in locating these 'lost' classmates. Please let them know that they are considered 'lost' and share this link to update their alumni information.

The following members of Arts'68 are currently 'lost':

Mr Peter Andersen
Mr Stanley Arbus
Ms Dawn Aspinall
Mr Clement Beaulieu
Rev Robert Belbin
Ms Carolyn Bicks
Mr Gary Blondeau
Ms Susan Boekema
Ms Linda Brown
Mr Frederic Browning
Mrs Margaret Buskard
Ms Cynthia Cameron
Mr Ian Campbell
Mrs Leslie Carter
Dr Sharon Cassal
Mr Check-Sen Chai
Mr Robert Chalmers
Mr Shiao-Ming Chiang
Mrs Katharine Clark
Mr Peter Clark
Mrs Lynda Clayton
Mr James Cleveland
Mrs Ilona Cloutier
Mrs Carolyn Collins
Mr James Collins
Mrs Carolyn Cooke
Mr Christopher Cory
Mrs Mavis Crawford
Mr Harold Duggan
Mr John Emdin
Mr Donald Falder
Mrs Laura Fisher
Mrs Joan Galley
Mrs Lillian Gertsman
Rev Walter Gilroy
Ms Sharon Glover
Ms Daryl Grant
Mr Douglas Greaves
Mr Ross Hall
Mr Blair Hankey
Mrs Margaret Harrington
Mr Michael Harrison
Mr Ralph Henderson
Mrs Elizabeth Heron
Mr Graham Hicks
Mr George Hogan
Mrs Elizabeth Holloway
Mr Douglas Hunter
Ms Daryll Huxtable
Mrs Nan Hyderman
Ms Nancy Iler
Ms Margaret Inglis
Mrs Mary Jarvis
Mrs Barbara Johnson
Ms Elaine Johnson
Mr Ronald Johnson
Ms Nancy Kelly
Ms Linda Kerr
Mr William Kerr
Mr William King
Mr Heinz Knoll
Sister Marion La Fleur
Mr Adrian Lasch
Mr Peter Latimer
Ms Grace Lawrence
Mrs Gabriel Leckey
Mr Edward Lemon
Mr George Lerchs
Mr Gary Little
Mr Koon Low
Mr Glen MacDonald
Mrs Lorraine MacDonald
Ms Mary MacDonald
Mrs Mary MacKinnon
Dr Janet Maher
Mrs Dohne Malkin
Mr John Marsh
Ms Elizabeth Matheson
Ms Renate Mayer
Ms Anne McDonnell
Mr Jeffrey McIlveen
Ms Mary McKibbon
Mrs Elisabeth McKiernan
Ms Suzanne McKinley
Ms Bonita McNab
Mrs Marguerite McNevin
Mrs Leona McPhee
Mr Leonard McPhee
Ms Shiela McSpurren
Ms Selma Menhart
Mr Hugh Meyer
Mrs Sandra Meyer
Mr Burt Michnick
Mr Thomas Monk
Mrs Jane Moore
Mr Robert Moore
Mr Mervyn Moorhead
Mr David Murray
Mrs Helen Murray
Ms Veronica Ng Chow
Mr Kenneth Oakley
Mr Fergus J O'Connor
Mr Arnold Perry
Mr Len Petry
Mr George Phillips
Mrs Linda Phillips
Mr Leigh Powell
Ms Alison Rabb
Mrs Barbara Raeburn
Ms Barbara Rhodes
Ms Pauline Richardson
Mr James Ritzel
Ms Judith Robb
Mr Neil Robertson
Ms Rosalyn Rodgers
Mr Peter Ross
Ms Elizabeth Rossiter
Mrs Selma Roth-Menhart
Ms Ursula Schramm
Ms Jane Shaw
Ms Catherine Shepherd
Mr Barry Simpson
Mr Norman Slater
Ms Harriett Smith
Mrs Sally Smith
Ms Susan Smith
Mr William Smith
Mrs Margaret Spies
Ms Doris St Amand
Mr Bruce Stewart
Mr James Sutherland
Ms Sandra Tapley
Mr Douglas Temple
Mr Gareth Thomas
Ms Mary Trecarten
Ms Beverley Trounce
Ms Janet Vandeveyvere
Ms Kwong-Set Wei
Mr Ian Wereley
Ms Marilyn White
Ms Georgia Wiggins
Mrs Anne Wilson
Ms Audrey Wilson
Ms Joyce Wong
Ms Sheila Woods
Mrs Linda Youdelis

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