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Artsci'88 Lost Classmates

Alumni gather to reconnect with Queen’s and their former class/club mates during Reunions. Unfortunately, there are some graduates for whom we do not have current contact information.  This means they will not hear about your reunion plans. We are asking for your assistance in locating these 'lost' classmates. Please let them know that they are considered 'lost' and share this link to update their alumni information.

The following members of Artsci'88 are currently 'lost':

Ms Katherine Alguire
Ms Ingrid Andersen
Mr Andrew Anderson
Ms Susan Anderson
Ms Tania Anderson
Mr Christopher Arnold
Ms Michelle Arthur
Ms Katherine Auer
Mr Jeffrey Bakazias
Ms Heather Baker
Ms Karen Baker
Mrs Diana Banks Lauzon
Mrs Ruth Bate
Mr Michael Bauer
Ms Natalie Beck
Mr Alan Bell
Ms Laura Bell
Mr Bryce Bennett
Mr David Berrey
Mrs Cynthia Berryman
Mr Kenneth Blackburn
Mrs Elizabeth Blair
Ms Lois Bradley
Ms Maritza Brikisak
Mrs Karen Bruder
Mr Michael Bull
Mrs Kelly-Lynn Burns
Mrs Vicki Busby
Mrs Wende Butcher
Ms Heather Campbell
Ms Jacqueline Campbell
Mrs Jocelyn Case
Mr Jules Caza
Ms Jacqueline Chang
Ms Josee Charbonneau
Mr Koon-Ping Chau
Mr Victor Chau
Mr Anthony Chen
Mrs Tracey Chesson
Ms Lizanne Chicanot
Mr Joe Chung
Ms Felicity Clarke
Ms Susan Clifford
Mr David Colbert
Ms Jill Collins
Mr Craig Cook
Mr Jay Cooney
Ms Allison Cope
Ms Shevawn Cosgrave
Ms Susan Crawford
Mr Stephen Crocker
Mr Douglas Crowe
Ms Kathleen Csaba
Ms Donna Cuffe
Ms Faith Cummings
Ms Patricia Cunning
Ms Debby Curran
Ms Donna Cushing
Mr Andrew Dacosta
Ms Jennifer Davidson
Ms Valerie Dawson
Mrs Doreen De Munnik
Mrs Janice Destcroix
Mrs Clara Dimt
Ms Cheryl Dowden
Dr James Dunwoody
Mr Frederick Dykstra
Mr Charles Edgar
Ms Amy Elliott
Dr Robert Ellis
Ms Karen Eng
Mrs Mary Espey
Ms Bonnie Exell
Ms Gwenyth Fairfoull
Ms Heather Farquharson
Mrs Marija Finney
Ms Marion Fischer
Ms Jan Fleming
Ms Margaret Foley
Ms Emily Foo
Ms Susan Foote
Mr John Garzouzi
Ms Elizabeth Geleff
Ms Marnie Gilliland
Mr Maurice Godin
Mr Fitz-James Graham
Ms Valerie Greifenberger
Mrs Jacqueline Guarisco
Ms Elizabeth Guglich
Ms Joanne Hall
Mr Tor Hansen
Ms Elizabeth Harris
Mr Alan Harvey
Ms Marianne Herbert
Ms Janice Hill
Ms Anita Ho
Mr Benjamin Ho
Mr Nigel Holmes
Mrs Deanna Hood
Mr Timothy Hood
Mr Andrew Howarth
Mrs Teresa Howe
Dr John Hsiao
Mr Michael Hubbs
Mrs Hilary Hubshman
Mr Cameron Hunter
Mr James Ireland
Mr Andrew Jackson
Mr Bruce Jeffrey
Mr David Johnston
Ms Susan Johnston
Mr John Jones
Ms Stephanie Judd
Ms Anastasia Karkoulis
Dr Gloria Keays
Mr Christopher Kendall
Ms Maryjane Kingston
Ms Katharine Kinnear
Ms Sarah Kirby
Mr Gregory Knopp
Mr Steven Kormos
Ms Leslie Kruk
Ms Ramona Kvash
Ms Jennifer La Marche
Ms Lisa Laliberte
Ms Michelle Langevin
Ms Michelle Lavoie
Mr Edward Lawson
Ms Robin Lea
Mr Ka-Chee Lee
Ms Marianne Leeck
Ms Suzanne Lee-Sing
Ms Susanna Leung
Ms Barbara Levy
Mr Geoffrey Levy
Mr Edgar Litchfield
Mr Michael Little
Mr Ian Lomas
Ms Kristen Lopes
Mrs Martha Love
Mr Christopher Lowe
Mr Michael Luciani
Ms Dawn Lumley
Mr Hector MacDonald
Ms Terrie MacDonald
Ms Catherine MacDonell
Mr Robert MacFarlane
Mr Gerald MacKenzie
Mr Aran MacKinnon
Ms Patricia MacLeod
Mr Ian Malcolm
Ms Robin Maley
Ms Julia Mann
Ms Lise Marquis
Ms Amy Martin
Mr Anthony Martin
Mr Ross May
Mr Gabrial Mazzetti
Ms Jane McCleary
Mrs Amanda McClure
Mrs Deborah McClure
Mr Jeremy McCormack
Mr David McCuaig
Ms Gayle McGibbon
Ms Lisa McIntosh
Ms Darcee McLaren
Mrs Esther McLean
Mr Robert McLennan
Mr Jefferey McLeod
Ms Marie McMillan
Mrs Margaret McNamee
Ms Robin McPhee-Zwill
Ms Christine Mears
Ms Amy Metzger
Mr Brian Misener
Mrs Mary Mohr
Mrs Angela Morin
Mr Richard Morrissette
Ms Kenna Moser
Dr Miriam Moss
Dr Kevin Mudrik
Mr Michael Mulhern
Mr Craig Mundy
Ms Anne-Marie Murdoch
Mr Steven Murray
Mr Mark Narbey
Mrs Sheila Needham
Ms Trudy Nelson
Ms Verna Ng
Ms Michelle Nicholson
Ms Catherine Nieddu
Ms Laura Nield
Mr Aidan O'Callaghan
Mr Charles Olson
Ms Karen Pace
Mr Robert Pagnutti
Ms Martha Paisley
Mr Brian Papizzo
Ms Nancy Patterson
Ms Michele Peach
Ms Alissa Petch
Ms Renee Piche
Mr Matthew Pollard
Ms Jill Rebman
Ms Terryanne Reed
Mrs Cheryl Reesor
Mrs Laura Reilly
Mr Mark Renton
Ms Jane Richards
Ms Lynn Ritchie
Mr Stewart Robertson
Mr David Robinson
Mr Andrew Rogers
Ms Margaret Rosa
Ms Suzanne Rosart
Mr Peter Rudd
Ms Patrizia Ruzicka
Ms Colleen Ryan
Mrs Kathryn Saad
Mrs Fausta Saba
Mr Rodney Salter
Mr Richard Sauve
Mr Fabio Scatozza
Ms Mary Scholz
Mr Michael Seifert
Ms Neena Sharma
Ms Loretta Shea
Dr Michele Shuster
Mr Arvind Singh
Ms Karen Smith
Mrs Beverley Spence
Ms Martha Steen-Rollin
Mrs Sonia Stewart
Mr Gregory Sukornyk
Ms Azwa Tan
Ms April Taylor
Mr Jerome Taylor
Mr David Teertstra
Mr James Thompson
Mr Greg Thomson
Ms Sarah Twomey
Mr Claude Vachon
Ms Margaret van Beers
Mr Randolph Van Der Starren
Mrs Claudette Van Kirk
Ms Cheryl Vermette
Mr Roderick Visser
Ms Joanne Walker
Ms Lisa Walker
Mr Joseph Waring
Mrs Nancy Waring
Ms Ruth Warner
Ms Lisa Weaver
Mrs Linda Weber
Mr Richard Wedge
Mr Leonard Weir
Ms Caroline Welch
Mr Jerome Weller
Mr Andrew Wells
Mr William White
Ms Sarah Wiley
Mr Robert Williams
Ms Zoe Williams
Mr Stephen Wilson
Ms Claire Winterton
Ms Mabel Wong
Ms Shirley Wren
Mr Richard Wybou
Mr Donald Young
Ms Jane Zahn
Mr Robert Zarichny
Ms Susan Zimmermann

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