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Artsci'08 Lost Classmates

Alumni gather to reconnect with Queen’s and their former class/club mates during Reunions. Unfortunately, there are some graduates for whom we do not have current contact information.  This means they will not hear about your reunion plans. We are asking for your assistance in locating these 'lost' classmates. Please let them know that they are considered 'lost' and share this link to update their alumni information.

The following members of Artsci'08 are currently 'lost':

Mr Mark Abraao York
Mr Steven Abraham
Ms Jenika Adolph
Ms Josephine Akindolire
Ms Julia Amos
Ms Anne-Marie Audet
Ms Nicole Bailey
Ms Melody Baker
Ms Jenna Beaton
Ms Helene Bergeron Chisholm
Mr Jeffrey Bigelow
Ms Nikole Bingham-Koslowski
Ms Kimberley Brown
Mr Alexandre Carle
Mr Jonathan Chan
Ms Hanna Chang
Ms Kathryn Chen
Ms Yi-Chin Chiu
Ms Laura Cooney
Ms Kylie Dalzell
Mr Warren Donner
Mlle Genevieve Dostaler
Ms Molly Doyle
Ms Erin Feeney
Ms Emily Finnie
Mr Daniel Fricker
Mr Nicholas Gaede
Ms Carley Garner
Ms Isabel Gowda
Mr Jason Green
Mr Daniel Greer
Mr Andrei Grobnic
Mr David Gunn
Ms Jessica Hale
Mr Peter Hand
Mr Christopher Harris
Mr Ian Harris
Ms Jennifer Higgs
Ms Corinne Hildebrandt
Ms Alexandra Hincke
Ms Sydney Horton
Ms Kaitlyn Irwin
Ms Kelsey Jensen
Mr Andrew Jones
Ms Yu-Ju Kao
Ms Maeghan Keddy
Mr Michael Kench
Mr Anthony Kenny
Mr Henry Lee
Mr Sean Lefort
Ms Trista Levere
Mr Sherman Li
Mr Ching-Che Lin
Mr Chih-Chieh Liu
Ms Loretta Ma
Ms Talia Marcheggiani
Mr Adam Marsalek
Mrs Kanelli Marsh
Ms Amanda Mathys
Mr Brendan McGrath
Mr Tobias McGuigan
Mr Terence Mooi
Ms Kyla Morton
Mr Ali Nabavi
Ms Boram Nho
Ms Catherine Norman
Mr Brendan O'Grady
Mr Wonjai Park
Mr David Pigden
Ms Anne Pilkey
Ms Elizabeth Purdy
Mr Andrew Rajaram
Mr Ian Rapin
Ms Nicole Reid
Ms Kaitlin Roka
Ms Kimberly Ronson
Ms Michaelin Scott
Ms Carole Shum
Ms Ashley Smith
Ms Natalie Stechyson
Ms Ashley Tracey
Mr Andrew Van Der Westhuizen
Mr Christopher Veillette
Ms Allison Verney
Mr Dusan Vlajic
Ms Katie Vogt
Ms Gloria Wang
Mr David Weese
Mr Matthew Welsh
Ms Lauren White
Ms Caitlin Williams
Ms Ceinwen Williams
Ms Olga Wolstenholme-Bainbridge
Mr Ryo Yokoyama

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