Working for QSAA Has ‘Made Me Grow as a Leader’ says Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient

Anisha Jain

Winning the Queen’s Student Alumni Association Volunteer of Distinction Award is both an honour and a little nerve-wracking for Anisha Jain, Artsci’17.

The QSAA VP Marketing and Communications is happy her work is being recognized, but the bad news is she is now the centre of attention and will have to give a speech when she picks up the honour at the Queen’s University Alumni Association Awards Gala on April 8.

“The (QSAA) role has made me grow as a leader and I’ve learned so much from it. So it’s nice my efforts have been recognized. But I don’t know if I deserve it because I feel everyone else did a great job,” says Ms. Jain, who is now getting a lot of congratulatory messages which makes her feel both flattered and a little awkward. “I was a little taken aback when I learned I was receiving the award. I am happy doing what I am doing – I don’t need an award for it.”

Ms. Jain is being honoured for her work helping to promote the QSAA, which tries to connect students to their future as engaged alumni and help prepare them for life after graduation. The QSAA offers various programs to students (such as seminars on how to excel at job interviews or effective networking skills) and brings successful alumni back to talk to students.

QSAA President Jasmit De Saffel says Ms. Jain’s social media expertise helped build the QSAA’s following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ms. Jain would write separate posts tailored to each social platform, and she was eager to try new things such as Instagram Stories. Her skills ensured that there was always good attendance at QSAA events.

“Anisha’s vision for the QSAA brand has been a creative and innovative one that modernized and revitalized the marketing and communications portfolio. Never afraid to take strategic risks, Anisha pushed boundaries, and the QSAA flourished because of it,” says Ms. De Saffel. “Her devotion to the work of the QSAA and her ability to think ahead has set the organization up for long-term success.”

The QUAA Award Gala takes place on April 8 at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. Online registration is now open.