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For more than 25 years, Queen's Alumni Educational Travel has provided Queen's alumni, family, and friends with unique educational travel experiences around the world. Join the “Tricolour Travellers” community and participate in our fully escorted tours featuring expert local guides and lecturers who deliver an immersive travel-abroad experience. Whenever possible, members of Queen’s faculty are recruited to accompany specific tours, contributing their expertise and passion for discovery, and enhancing the overall educational value of the Tricolour Travel experience.

The educational focus of our itineraries means you learn as much as possible about our destinations. This is achieved through lectures, hands-on demonstrations, privileged access to special attractions, and special interactions with local residents. With independent time built into each itinerary, who knows what else you might learn as you pursue your own interests!

Our tours offer varying inclusions and are a great value for money; but what makes them particularly unique are the friendships forged with other members of the Tricolour Traveller family. Join us to make connections and enjoy camaraderie, convenience, and choice!

Perhaps you’re not quite ready for an escorted tour? We may still be able to help. Whether it's a special getaway to celebrate a significant life milestone, or a fun vacation the whole family can enjoy, Queen's Alumni Educational Travel and AHI Cruises can help organize a your cruise Learn more 

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