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Queen's University

Volunteer Risk Management Guide

Building blocks for managing risk

Welcome to our Volunteer Risk Management guide!

We've designed the following pages to help demystify Risk Management, and to provide you with practical tools, resources and supports to effectively manage risks within your volunteer groups

Use the links below to find exactly what you're looking for: 

    An Introduction to Risk Management

    What is risk management?

    Risk management procedures are in place to assess, manage, or mitigate potential risks to the volunteers, the organization and its clients, members and participants that may result from the delivery of a volunteer-led program or service. 

    - The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

    Please talk to your staff partner about the most appropriate risk mitigation strategies for your volunteer group or event, and make use of the planning tools and resources on the following pages.

      What are the goals of risk management?

    • To reduce or mitigate the potential for adverse conditions to take place
    • To reduce anxiety about risk
    • To operate legally (protection against lawsuits, etc.)
    • To fulfill social responsibilities
    • To protect and uphold the university's values and reputation

    What does risk management mean for Queen's volunteers?

    As members of the Queen's University community, volunteers and staff share a responsibility for contributing to the university's success. A proactive, thoughtful approach to risk mitigation is an important means through which we can all help to uphold Queen's values and reputation.

    All persons who perform duties for the University, whether volunteers, students, or employees, are protected by the University's insurance for claims against them or Queen's arising out of the work they perform, providing the work is being performed on behalf of Queen's and has been approved by [an appropriate staff administrator].

    - Liability and Insurance Coverage for Queen's Volunteers 

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