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  • A woman in gloves sits behind a series of tubes.
  • Individual standing behind a drawn picture.

    MA student MaryClaire Pappas in the print room of the Munch Museum, Oslo.

  • Four individuals in elaborate period dress.

    Graduate students Kennis Forte, Lauren Mathieson, Siobhan Locke, and Rosemary Legge "Taking the Rococo Seriously" in period dress for a seminar class taught by Gauvin Bailey.

  • Three individuals gathered around a computer.

    Norman Vorano, Gamalial Kilukishak and Joanne Kunnuk in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, doing research for Picturing Arctic Modernity: North Baffin Drawings exhibition, April 2016.

  • Four individuals in formal wear stand for a photo.

    Professors Pierre du Prey, Joan Schwartz, Gauvin Bailey, and Una D'Elia at the Royal Society of Canada Gala Dinner, November 2016.

  • Glass bottles of pigment.
  • Three individuals standing in a gallery, one with a mask over their head.

    Dada performance in Allison Morehead's "Dada, Gender, and Sexuality" seminar.

  • An individual standing outside in the snow, holding a video camera.

    Graduate student Rosemary Legge filming in Pond Inlet, North Baffin Island, Nunavut, for Inuit drawing exhibition, April 2016.