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Queen's University

Current Students & Research

There are 64 students currently enrolled in the Ph.D. and Master's Program. Those listed on this page have submitted their academic profiles.

We encourage all graduate students to submit short academic biographies (using the same format as the list below) to the VRU Coordinator.

Students are listed in alphabetical order by surname:


Sarah Alford, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: Art Botany in 19th century British Design Reform
Major Fields of Interest: Craft and Design reform in 19th-21st century Britain and North America, Visual and Material Culture, Critical Theory
Graduate Experience: School of the Art Institute of Chicago: MFA Studio; MA Visual and Critical Studies
Undergraduate Experience: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University: BFA Jewellery and Metalsmithing; BA Art History
Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland

Amber Berson, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: "Post-National Identity, Utopianism and Canadian Artist-Run Centres"
Major Fields of Interest: Artist-run centres, Artist-run culture in Canada, Canadian contemporary art, institutional critique, Contemporary and historical First Nations art.
Graduate Experience: Concordia University, M.A. Art History (2010)
Undergraduate Experience: Concordia University, B.F.A. Art History (2008)
Supervisor: Dr. Clive Robertson

Lisa Binkley, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: The Material Culture of 19th Century Quilts along the Northeastern Seaboard States and Maritime Provinces
Major Fields of Interest: 19th century arts & crafts in North America, cotton textile production and consumption,  material culture, craft history and theory, women's labour, economics, and creative geographies
Graduate Experience: Queen's University, M.A. Human Geography (2011)
Undergraduate Experience: Queen's University, B.A.H. Human Geography (2007)
Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland



Sarah Budd, M.A. Candidate

M.A. Research topic: The Reception History of Franz Marc during the Weimar Republic and Second World War
Major Fields of Interest: German Expressionism and its political role in interwar Germany, intersection of politics and art, forms of collective memory and imagination
Undergraduate experience: B.A. Honours, major in art history, minor in history at Queen's University (2013)
Supervisor: Allison Morehead

Veronica Carter, Ph.D. Candidate 

Dissertation Topic: The Fan in French Visual and Material Culture, 1860-1900
Major Fields of Interest: Nineteenth-century visual and material culture, discourses of visuality and sensory perception, constructions of gender
Graduate Experience: M.A., Art History, Queen's University (2010)
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. Honours, major in English, minor in Studio Art, University of Guelph (2008)
Supervisor: Dr. Allison Morehead



Kirsten Christopherson, M.A. Candidate

MA Research Topic: Bonaventura Peeters and His Portrayal of the Exotic
Major Fields of Interest: 17th century Dutch and Flemish Baroque painting, exploration and colonization
Undergraduate Experience: University of Lethbridge, BA double major in Art and History (2013)
Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie Dickey

Brendan Cull, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Mid to late nineteenth century Canadian photography, botanical illustration, intersections of art and science, and Canada and the British Empire. 

Undergraduate Experience: Queen’s University, B.Ed., Primary and Junior Divisions (2013); Queen’s University, B.Sc. (Honours), major in Biology with a minor in Art History (2012)

Supervisor: Dr. Joan M. Schwartz




Marla Dobson, Ph.D. Candidate 

Major Fields of Interest: 19th century British art, Victorian genre painting, Collecting and exhibition practices, History of museums
Graduate Experience: M.A., Museum Studies, University of Toronto (2010)
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. Honours, major in History, minor in French, Carleton University (2007)
Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland


Alison Fraser, M.A. Candidate 

M.A. Research Topic: Contemporary graffiti as a form of visual resistance
Major Fields of Interest: Ancient, historical, and modern graffiti as a persistent form of mark making, art as/and activism, art as a means to develop communities, community based research, posthuman theory, constructions of the nation-state on the local and global scale, and the construction/role of public spaces
Undergraduate Experience: University of Victoria, Honours B.A. History in Art, Minor Anthropology (2012)


Nenagh Hathaway, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: The Netherlandish Altarpiece Grisaille from the 15th to the 16th century: A Technical Art History Approach
Major Fields of Interest: Technical art history and the scientific examination of artworks, 15th and 16th century Netherlandish painting, altarpieces and triptychs, portraiture, the history of conservation 
Graduate Experience: University of Glasgow, M.A. Technical Art History: Making and Meaning  (2011)
Undergraduate Experience: Queen's University, B.A. Art History (2009)
Supervisor: Professor Ron Spronk


Julie Hollenbach, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: "Craftivism: The Material Culture of Resistance" 
Major Fields of Interest: Contemporary art and craft; art and activism; artist interventions; art in public spaces; museum studies; art historiography; decolonizing methodologies; queer theory; feminist theory.
Graduate Experience: M.A. Art History, Queen's University (2013)
Undergraduate Experience: BA Art History; BFA Fine Art, NSCAD University (2008)
Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland



Beth Knazook, Ph.D. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: N ineteenth-century photography,   photographically illustrated books, book history and print culture, photographic archives, conservation of photographs
Graduate Experience:  Ryerson University and George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, M.A. Photographic Preservation and Collections Management (2007)
Undergraduate E xperience:  University of Toronto, B.A. (Honours) Fine Art History, minor in Medieval Studies (2005)
Supervisor:  Dr. Joan M. Schwartz

Melissa La Porte, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: "Fashioning Sacred Spaces in Nouvelle France: 18th-century Sculptures and Décor in Montreal and Quebec City Churches"
Major Fields of Interest: Rococo art in France and its Colonies, Post-Tridentine sacred art, Digital Humanities.
Graduate Experience: Brock University, M.A. Studies in Comparative Literatures and the Arts (2010), University of Guelph, M.A. Art History and Visual Culture (2012)
Undergraduate Experience: McMaster University, B.A. Combined Honours Art History and Classics (2008)



Agnes E. Ladon Ph.D. Candidate 

Dissertation Topic​: Art and Arctic Sovereignty: Towards Visualizing the North as a Canadian Possession, 1920-1965

Major Fields of Interest: Canadian Historical Art, with a particular interest in early and mid twentieth-century Canadian modernist art and ideas of Canadian nationalism, national identity and cultural diplomacy; Aboriginal and Inuit visual and material culture; museological practices.
Graduate Experience: Queen's University, M.A. Art History (2012)
Undergraduate Experience:  University of Toronto, Honours B.A. Art History and Aboriginal Studies, with High Distinction (2010)
Supervisor: Dr. Lynda Jessup



Chantelle Lepine-Cercone, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: "Art and Business in Seventeenth-Century Naples: The Collecting and Dealing Practices of Gaspare Roomer"
Major Fields of Interest: Neapolitan and Roman seventeenth-century painting; the Early Modern art market; cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Italy; patronage; collecting patterns; art and diplomacy.
Graduate Experience: University of Toronto, Master of Museum Studies (2007)
Undergraduate Experience: Queen's University, Art History (major), Philosophy (minor) (2005)
Supervisor: Dr. Sebastian Schutze and Dr. Stephanie Dickey



Isabel Luce, Ph.D. Candidate 

Major Fields of Interest: Canadian women artists, 19th century and early 20th century Canadian art, artist networks in Canada and England, Feminist and Post-Colonial theory 

Graduate Experience: MA Art History and Curatorial Studies at York University (2014)

MA Major Research Paper Title: "Collaborative Portraits and Montreal’s Anglophone Elite: An examination of the artistic career of Gertrude Des Clayes (1879- 1949)"

Undergraduate Experience:BA Honours Art History and Major in Canadian Studies at McGill University (2012) 

Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland




Chantal Manna, Ph.D. Candidate

Advanced Research Paper Topic: "Ephemera and Affective Power of Art in the Italian Renaissance and Baroque"
Major Fields of Interest: Italian Renaissance and Baroque visual and material culture. 
Graduate Experience: Queen's University, M.A. Art History (2013)
Undergraduate Experience: University of Toronto, B.A. (Honours) Art History, Renaissance Studies, French (2011)
Supervisor: Dr. Gauvin Bailey



Emily Marshall, M.A. Candidate

M.A. Research Topic:  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s  Elles  portfolio
Major Fields of Interest:  Nineteenth- and early twentieth-century art, fin-de-siècle, depictions of prostitution, intersections between art and science, constructions of gender, museums and curatorial practice 
Undergraduate Experience: Queen's University, B.A. (Honours), Major in Art History, Arts Minor in Political Studies (2013) 
Supervisor: Dr. Allison Morehead


Carolijn Mensing, Ph.D. Student

Major Fields of Interest:15th and 16th century Netherlandish painting, prints and drawings, 16th century Portuguese art, Technical art history and the scientific examination of artworks, the art market in the Early Modern period, intercultural relationships.
Graduate Experience:  MA ‘Art, market and connoisseurship’, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2012) 

Undergraduate Experience:   BA ‘Art History’, Utrecht University, The Netherlands (2011), minor in communications

Supervisor:  Prof. Ron Spronk


Heather Merla, Ph.D. Student

Major Fields of Interest: Early Modern Italian visual culture, the history of science and medicine, monstrosity and the grotesque, intersections between literature and art.
Graduate Experience: M.A., Queen’s University (2011)
M.A. Major Research Paper Title: "Aberrant Identities: The Gonzales Family in Text and Image"
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. Honours, Art History, University of Guelph (2008)
Supervisor: Dr. Una D’Elia



Anna-Maria Moubayed, Ph.D. Student

Dissertation Topic: "The Body of Eve in Medieval French Sculpture"
Major Fields of Interest: Medieval Art, Eve, Romanesque and Gothic France, Theology, Body, Beauty, Spolia, Romances, Pagan influences and Christianity
Graduate E xperience: Concordia University, M.A. Art History (2010)


M.A. Thesis:"Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue co-Cathedral: Christianity, Victorian Gothic Revival, and Quebec's Hybrid Culture"

Undergraduate experience: Concordia University, B.F.A. with Distinction, major in Art History and minor in Classical Archaeology (2007)
Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Reeve



Ashley E. Paolozzi, M.A. Candidate

M.A. Research Topic: Hybridity and Monstrosity in the Capital Sculpture and Architectural Ornament of Wells Cathedral, c. 1184–1210

Major Fields of Interest: Gothic art/architecture in England and France; animals in visual culture; 18th and 19th c. Gothic revival in literature and art; the monstrous and grotesque in medieval art

Undergraduate Experience: Brock University, B.A. Honours, History of Art and Visual Culture, Minor in Interactive Arts and Science (2014)

Supervisor: Dr. Matthew M. Reeve




MaryClaire Pappas, M.A. Candidate

M.A. Research Topic: Edvard Munch's female bathers
Major Fields of Interest: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century visual and material culture, scientific culture and the visual arts, constructions of gender, cultural relations and museums.
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. Art History, University of Maryland, 2013
Supervisor: Dr. Allison Morehead

Johanna Plant, Ph.D. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Artist-run centres and community-driven arts organizations, cultural democracy, canons in art history, 20th and 21st century Canadian art, museum studies, art in public spaces, arts infrastructure
Graduate Experience: University College London, M.A. History of Art
M.A. Thesis Title: The Dauntsey Doom: Issues of Presenting a Fragmentary Work
Undergraduate Experience: University of Calgary, B.A. Art History (with distinction)
Supervisor: Dr. Clive Robertson


Sheilagh Quaile, M.A. Candidate

M.A. Research Topic: Kashmiri shawls in Victorian paintings

Major Fields of Interest: Nineteenth-century art, craft, and industry; textiles, material culture, the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain and Ireland, collecting in the Victorian era, cultural exchange between east and west Undergraduate Experience: BA Honours University of Guelph (2014), major in History, minors in Art History and Studio Art

Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland



Farrukh Rafiq, Ph.D. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: 19th-century British visual and material culture, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, International reception of British art

Graduate Experience: M.A. University of Toronto (Art History)

Undergraduate Experience: Honours B.A. University of Toronto (Art History, History, Anthropology)

Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland



Riva Symko, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: "Appropriation, interstice, and copyright law in contemporary visual culture."
Major Fields of Interest: 20th and 21st century visual culture and gallery practices.
Graduate Experience: University of Western Ontario, MA Visual Culture
MA Thesis Title: "Vitalizing Sounds, Visionary Sights: Rock & Roll, Spectacle, and Inauthentic Spaces"
Undergrad Experience: University of Alberta, BA Honours, Art History


Amanda Thackway, M.A. Candidate 

M.A. Research Topic: Giovanni Boldini and Society Portraiture in Fin-de-Siècle France
Major Fields of Interest: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century visual and material culture, fin-de-siècle, society portraiture, the decadents, constructions and performances of identity
Undergraduate Experience: B.A. (Honours), Art History, Queen's University (2013)
Supervisor: Dr. Allison Morehead

Laura Thiel, Ph.D. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Dutch seventeenth-century genre painting (1650-1670), gender history and theory, genre motifs of domesticity and seventeenth-century European domestic material culture
Graduate Experience: Boston University, M.A. History of Art and Architecture and Museum Studies Certificate (2011)
Undergraduate Experience:St. Olaf College, B.A. Art History with Distinction (2008)
Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie Dickey



Jennifer Wakelin, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Canadian Folk Art and Culture; Lumbering and Logging communities in North America; the construction and performance of national and regional identities; the relationship between labour and art; Narratives of Canadian Art and History; Museology and practices of Display; Historiography.

Undergraduate Experience: Queen’s University, B.Ed. Visual Arts and English in the Intermediate and Senior Divisions (2013); Queen’s University, B.A. (Honours), Major in Art History with a Minor in Classical Studies (2012).

Supervisor: Dr. Lynda Jessup




Erin Wall, Ph.D. Candidate


Major Fields of Interest:  19th-century Canadian visual and material culture; object biographies; art historiography; the construction, narration, and imagining of Canadian identity; Canada and the British Empire
Major Research Paper Title: "'A Charm to Canadian Winter Life': Identity, Exclusion, and Canadian Sleighs at the Great Exhibition of 1851"
Graduate Experience:  M.A., Art History, Queen's University (2014)
Undergraduate Experience:  B.A. Honours, Art History with a minor in English, McMaster University (2011)


Supervisor: Dr. Janice Helland 



Alana West, Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Topic: Frederick H. Evans and his Circle
Major Fields of Interest: History of Photography; Nineteenth-Century Photography; Photographic Materiality and Meaning; Arts and Craft Movement; and the Photograph as Art
Graduate Experience: MA Photographic Preservation and Collections Management, Honours, Ryerson University and George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film (2009)
Undergraduate Experience: BFA Honours, Ryerson University (2001)
Supervisor: Dr. Joan M. Schwartz


Meaghan Whitehead, Ph.D. Student

Major Fields of Interest: Western medieval art and architecture, Plantagenet and Capetian court culture, relationships between art and liturgy, medieval theology, art patronage of Henry III (1216-1272)
Graduate Experience: Queen’s University, M.A. Art History (2012)
M.A. Major Research Paper Title: "The Wheel of Fortune in Medieval English Art and Literature"
Undergraduate Experience: Queen’s University, B.A.H. Art History, History (2010)
Supervisor: Dr. Matthew M. Reeve




Emma Wood, M.A. Candidate

Major Fields of Interest: Fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italian painting, allegory, ceiling decoration propaganda, and collecting of renaissance art.
M.A. Research Topic:  Reception and taste for Italian painting in the collection of Queen Christina of Sweden.

Undergraduate Experience: B.A. (Honours), Art History and Greek and Roman Studies, Carleton University (2013)
Supervisor: Dr. Cathleen Hoeniger

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