Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Science

Making up approximately half the University the Faculty of Arts and Science offers, in twenty-seven departments and schools, an extraordinary scope of educational possibilities encompassing the creative arts, languages, humanities, social sciences, and physical and natural sciences.


Undergraduate students have the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in Canada and the world among their peers, their graduate colleagues, and their professors.

During the course of their studies both undergraduate and graduate students are exposed to mentors who are recognised world-wide for their contributions as artists, writers, scientists, thinkers and much more.

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Quick Facts & Statistics

In 2010, Arts and Science has the equivalent of 10,018 Full Time students enrolled in on campus classes, across five academic disciplines. Students from Applied Science, Business, and other Faculties take classes in Arts and Science departments.

In 2010, there are 8,899 Full Time undergraduate students enrolled in Faculty of Arts and Science degree programs on campus, and 1,455 Full Time graduate students.

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The Royal Charter issued by Queen Victoria in1841, which declared that Queen's University would both train students as Presbyterian ministers and instruct youth 'in the various branches in Science and Literature', laid the foundations for the Faculty of Arts and Science.

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Governance, Dates & Reports

Faculty Board is the venue where decisions are made affecting students, faculty and staff in the Faculty.