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T.Fort, J.Lazarus, D.Moses, A.Redish, C.Reid, K.Renders, G.Renyk, N.Rewa, J.Salverson, J.Stephenson, C.Walker, G.Wanless

Departmental Notes
Subject Code    DRAM
World Wide Web Address    http://www.queensu.ca/drama
Head of Department    C.Walker
Program Coordinator    L.Atkinson
Departmental Office    Theological Hall (Basement)
Departmental Telephone    613-533-2104
E-Mail Address    drama@queensu.ca
Chair of Undergraduate Studies    J.Stephenson

At Queen’s you can balance the study of theatre from theoretical and practical perspectives.  Presentations and workshops by guest artists and scholars as well as student participation in main stage and studio productions for the public bring breadth and depth to Drama programs.  For students interested in collaboration between the fields of Drama and Film and Media, there is a Specialization Plan in Stage and Screen Studies.

Departmental Policies
1.    Students will normally be required to attend theatre shows for all courses. Cost will vary depending on the venue of each show. The number of shows for each course will also vary. Further details can be found in each course syllabus.
2.    Students taking acting courses are required to provide rehearsal clothes, i.e. black sweatsuit or black tights (without feet) with black T-shirt or turtleneck. Further details from the Department.

Advice to Students
First Year Courses and Electives
Students who wish to pursue a Drama Plan are advised to take either DRAM 100/6.0 or (if studying at the Bader International Study Centre) BISC 100/3.0 and BISC 101/3.0.  Either serves as a prerequisite to most upper-level DRAM courses, and is a core requirement in any Drama Plan.

Students who wish to take only one course in the Department of Drama as an elective should take one of DRAM 100/6.0, DRAM 205/3.0, DRAM 236/3.0 or IDIS 210/3.0. Students wishing to take any other course in the Department of Drama as a single elective must make a special application to the Department.

Substitute Courses
Courses from outside Drama in the study of theatrical and dramatic arts, other than those listed in the DRAM_Subs course list, may be offered in substitution, but only with permission of the Department.