Environmental Studies

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K.J.Aronson, R.S.Brown, D.Chen, B.F.Cumming, R.W.Dalrymple, R.Danby, V. Friesen, A.Goebel, S. Harrison, M.Hird, P.V.Hodson, H.E.Jamieson, P.G.Jessop, T.K.Kyser, S.F.Lamoureux, V. Langlois, S.Liss, S.C.Lougheed, W.Mabee, T.E.Massey, D.McDonald, R.K.Poole, K.J.Reimer, M.F.Smith, J.P.Smol, M.Taylor, L. Viswanathan, V.Walker, Y.S.Wang, J.Webster, G.Whitelaw, L.M.Winn, F. Zeman

Departmental Notes
Subject Code    ENSC
World Wide Web Address    www.queensu.ca/ensc
E-Mail Address    envst@queensu.ca
Director    B.F.Cumming
Office    Biosciences Complex, Room 3134
Telephone    613-533-6602
Chair of Undergraduate Studies    A.Goebel, Biosciences Complex, Room 3125, 613-533-6000 ext 77660

In the School of Environmental Studies, you will acquire an appreciation of the scope and complexity of environmental systems, the ability to deal with the socio-economic dimensions of an issue, and the fundamental knowledge to adapt to changes in the future.  Students will study environmental systems from both the perspective of the natural and physical sciences, while recognizing the human and cultural dimensions of the issues.

Advice to Students

Environmental Studies
A.Goebel, Biosciences Complex, Room 3125, 613-533-6000 ext 77660
Department of Biology
B.F.Cumming, Biosciences Complex, Room 3134, 613-533-6153
Department of Chemistry
R.S.Brown, Biosciences Complex, Room 3130, 613-533-2655
Department of Geography
R.Danby, Biosciences Complex, Room 3244, 613-533-6000 ext 77105
Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
H.Jamieson, Biosciences Complex, Room 3131, 613-533-6181
Life Sciences
L.M.Winn, Biosciences Complex, Room 3127, 613-533-6465

The School of Environmental Studies offers Plans in both the Arts and Sciences. The following outlines describe each Plan:

General (Arts)/Minor (Arts) Plan in Environmental Studies

This Plan provides an introduction and overview of environmental studies.

Medial (Arts) Plan in Environmental Studies
This Plan provides disciplinary strength in the humanities and social science plus interdisciplinary environmental courses on the science side.  Students will acquire a basic science background, an understanding of the complexity of environmental issues and their solutions.

Major (Science) Plan in Environmental Science

This Plan provides a multidisciplinary view of environmental science.  The Plan includes core courses in science, integrative courses in science and social science, and environmental courses in the humanities.  Specific course choices can emphasize themes of environmental sustainability or environment and human health.

Specialization (Science) Plans
These Plans provides a multidisciplinary view of environmental science as well as in-depth study in one of six science subjects: Earth System Science, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Life Sciences, or Toxicology.  A strong link is made to environmental studies, stressing human response to environmental issues and to questions of environmental policy and management.