Film and Media

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B.Allan, P.J.Baxter, F.Burke, G.Kibbins, F.Leeming, S.Lord, C.Mackey, S.Matrix, D.Naaman, D.Redmond

Departmental Notes
Subject Code    FILM
Head of Department    S.Lord
World Wide Web Address
Departmental Office    390 King Street
Departmental Telephone    613-533-2178
Departmental Fax    613-533-2063
E-Mail Address
Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies    D. Naaman
Coordinator for Stage and Screen Studies    D. Naaman
Administrative Assistant    L.Graham

In the Film and Media Department at Queen’s, you will examine modern forms of film, video, television, and emerging varieties of digital culture.  You will study the forces that have shaped film and media communication, explore the history and theory of film production, and engage directly in the production of film and video.  For students interested in collaboration between the fields of drama and film, there is a Specialization Plan in Stage and Screen Studies.

Departmental Policies

All courses include the screening of films or video material during laboratory periods.

Production Costs
Courses involving film or video production may entail materials and processing expenses not covered by the University tuition fee.  A student interested in such a course is advised to consult the instructor regarding the extra costs that must be anticipated.

Because of student demand for a limited number of spaces, a grade of B- in 100-level FILM courses may not be sufficient to merit entry into FILM 206/3.0, FILM 216/3.0, FILM 226/3.0, FILM 236/3.0 or FILM 250/6.0, hence into a concentration in FILM or STSC or COCA.  Priority for admission to upper-year courses is determined by overall average in Film and Media courses including grades in prerequisite courses, and following Academic Regulation 4, Enrolment Priorities, in the Calendar.