French Studies

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J.Bénard, A.Conacher, C.Dhavernas, M.Dufresne, S.Inkel, G.Lessard, F.Rouget, G.Tremblay, C.Wells, E.M.Zawisza

Departmental Notes
Subject Code for French Studies    FREN
Subject Code for French Linguistics    FRLG
Head of Department    C.Dhavernas
Departmental Office    Kingston Hall, Room 301
Departmental Telephone    613-533-2090
Departmental Fax    613-533-6522
Chair of Undergraduate Studies    M.Dufresne
Coordinator of Graduate Studies    F. Rouget (Fall), E.M.Zawisza (Winter)

At Queen’s you can choose from a variety of courses dealing with oral and written French, literature and culture of France, Quebec and francophone countries, linguistics, and business French.  You will have opportunities to study or work in a francophone context either in Quebec or Europe, through academic exchanges or work/study programs.

Departmental Policies

Credit for Immersion Courses
Students who have taken an immersion course elsewhere may have to be tested by the department in order to receive credit for such a course.

Advice to Students

Introductory French Language Courses

The French Department recognizes that students enter the University with a wide range of abilities in the French language.  Therefore, all incoming students intending to take P-level or 100-level French courses should take an online French placement test before registering to ensure that they are placed in a course at the correct proficiency level.  Students should note that once they have passed a course at one level of proficiency, they will not be allowed to take for credit a French language course at a lower level.  These rules are enforced by a series of exclusions.  Students who wish to pursue a French Plan should also note that P-level courses may not be used towards French Plan requirements, though they may be used as electives or partially towards the requirements of the French Certificate of Competence (see below).  

Communication and Culture Courses
The communication and culture program is a series of language courses stressing oral proficiency.  At the lower levels students learn to satisfy basic survival needs and limited social demands in French, and at the higher levels to communicate effectively, on topics relating to particular interests. No auditors.

Special Study Opportunities

Le Centre francophone
A centre that offers non-credit French courses, at 195 University Avenue.

Learning Resources
Technological resources are available for students taking courses in the Department.  These include language laboratories and a computer site.

Credit for Work Taken at a French-Language University
The third year of a four-year program with a French Major or Medial Plan may be taken at a French-language university.  Credit for this work may be allowed if at least 60.0 units with a cumulative GPA of 1.90 have been attempted by the end of second year, including FREN 110/6.0, FREN 212/6.0 and FREN 220/6.0 with a GPA of 1.90 on these three courses.  On returning to Queen’s for the fourth year, students will be allowed to transfer credits in French, if proof is submitted of having taken the equivalent of Queen’s courses.  All students spending their third year at such a University are required to take at least 9.0 further units in French at Queen’s, normally at the 400 level.

Certificate of Competence in French Language
Students who are not registered in a French Plan but have taken certain courses in French at Queen’s or received transfer credit for courses taken elsewhere are eligible for a Certificate of Competence in French Language.  Note that this is not a Senate-approved Certificate Program and therefore will be noted as an Academic Milestone on the transcript.  The Certificate will be issued by the French Department on behalf of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL    18.0 units in French, 12.0 of which must be at the 100 level or above.  A maximum of 6.0 units in transfer credit may be used toward the requirements of this certification.

ADVANCED LEVEL    30.0 units in French, 24.0 of which must be at the 100 level or above.  A maximum of 6.0 units transfer credit may be used toward the requirements of this certification.

Only 6.0 units from Communication and Culture courses (FREN P16/3.0, FREN P17/3.0, FREN 118/3.0, FREN 219/3.0, FREN 320/3.0) or the equivalent transfer credit can be counted towards the Certificate of Competence (Intermediate and Advanced).

For both levels, students will be required to take an examination (written and oral) at the end of the Winter Term.  Granting of the Certificate of Competence will be based on a mark of at least B- in the written and oral exams.

Applications for the Certificate should be received by the Department of French Studies before the last day of classes of the Winter Term.