Gender Studies

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S.Aziz, B.Baines, A.Burfoot, J.Davidson, J.Davies, K.Dubinsky, G.A.Dumas, A.Goebel, E.Goldberg, L.Hanson, J.Helland, S.J.King, A.L.Kobayashi, K.A.Lahey, R.Lamb, C.Levine-Rasky, M.Lewis, M.Little, S.Lord, E.MacDonald, G.McIntire, K.McKittrick, S.Morgensen, B.Mullings, D.Naaman, C.D.Overall, K.Pegley, E.Power, L.M.Ratcliffe, K.Renders, M. Rethelyi, N.Rewa, M.Rivera, J.Scott, S.Srivastava, P.Thompson, J.Tolmie, A.Varadharajan, B.Walker, P.Dickey Young

Departmental Notes
Subject Code    GNDS
World Wide Web Address
Acting Head of Department  B. Mullings until July 2014
Office    Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D506
Administrative Assistant    T.Easter Sheen
Coordinator of Graduate Studies    K.McKittrick
Graduate Assistant    T.Easter Sheen
Chair of Undergraduate Studies     J.Tolmie
Sexual and Gender Studies Certificate Coordinator     J.Tolmie
Undergraduate Assistant    K.Baer
Departmental Office    Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D504
Telephone    613-533-6318

The Department of Gender Studies at Queen’s offers an interdisciplinary approach to studies of gender, understood as intersecting with race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, globalization and environments.  We draw on human experiences, feminisms, histories, cultures, economies, and politics to critically analyze power, knowledge, difference, and inequalities.  The Department also administers a Certificate Program in Sexual and Gender Diversity (SXGD) that is open to all students at Queen’s.