Jewish Studies

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Subject Code for Jewish Studies     JWST
Subject Code for Hebrew     HEBR
Director    H.Adelman
Office    Watson Hall, Room 212
Telephone    613-533-6969
Fax    613-533-6298
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Academic Advisers    H.Adelman
Administrative Assistant    C.Fehr
Jewish Studies looks at Jewish civilization and its recorded history of 4000 years. Drawing from texts spanning from the Hebrew Scriptures to post-modern writing, Jewish Studies provides students with insight into the complexities of culture and identity.

Advice to Students

Jewish Studies Plan
A multi-disciplinary Plan, the Minor/General in Jewish Studies explores Jewish civilization through the offerings of History, Religion, Hebrew, Philosophy, Classics and Gender Studies.  Students are invited to draw on these courses as electives or as part of a Minor Plan that enhances or complements their major.  The requirements for each course are determined by the hosting academic unit.  When uncertain of prerequisites, students should seek the permission of the relevant Department or consult with the Director of Jewish Studies.  Those considering any advanced work related to Jewish Studies are encouraged to study Hebrew at Queen’s and abroad, especially in Israel, with prior approval of the Director.

Hebrew Courses and Level of Language Competence
The courses offered each year in modern Hebrew in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures provide different levels of instruction suitable for students with a range of backgrounds in the language, from those with no training at all in Hebrew or minimal exposure, to those with a more extensive background (e.g., Jewish day school, yeshivah, previous university training, study in Israel, Hebrew as a native language).  Students with anything but the most rudimentary background in the language should not enrol in the introductory modern Hebrew course (HEBR 190/6.0).  To ensure that students are properly placed according to their levels of linguistic competence, students must consult with the instructor of the course or the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures about course placement.  All students may take the Introduction to Biblical Hebrew.
Some courses in Hebrew are accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of several academic units, including Jewish Studies, Linguistics, Religious Studies, Global Development Studies and Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Special Study Opportunities

Courses taken at Israeli universities, subject to Faculty of Arts and Science regulations on credit for courses taken elsewhere, may be counted toward a Minor/General Plan in Jewish Studies with the prior permission of the Director.  Consult the Director for more information on Israeli and other universities, programs and scholarships.