Mathematics and Statistics

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S.G.Akl, A.Ableson, F.Alajaji, S.Belinschi, G.Blohm, S.Blostein, O.Bogoyavlenskij, B.E.Chen, T.Day, I.Dimitrov, S.Gazor, B.Gharesifard, M.Green, M.Guay, W.Jiang, E.Kani, K.W.Lake, M.Lam, B.Levit, A.Lewis, P.Li, D.Lin, T.Linder,                        A.-R.Mansouri, J.McLellan, J.A.Mingo, C.Molson, M.R.Murty, D.C.Offin, P.Peng, A.Pollard, M.Roth, G.G.Smith, G.Takahara, P.D.Taylor, C.Tardif, D.J.Thomson, D.Tu, D.Wehlau, N.Yui, S.Yuksel
Departmental Notes
Subject Code for Biomathematics   BIOM
Subject Code for Mathematics    MATH
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Head of Department    M.R.Murty
Associate Head of Department    I.Dimitrov
Departmental Office    Jeffery Hall, Room 310
Departmental Telephone    613-533-2390
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Chair of Undergraduate Studies    G.G.Smith
Coordinator of Graduate Studies    J.Mingo    
Chair for Engineering Mathematics    A.-R.Mansouri
Administrative Assistant    M.Lambert

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers degree Plans designed to appeal to a broad range of students, including those interested in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, the physical and the biological sciences, teaching, actuarial studies, probability, and statistics.  Our instructors include leading researchers and many winners of national and university teaching awards.  The Department offers various plans in Mathematics and in Statistics, leading to either a B.A., B.A.(Hons.), B.Sc. or B.Sc.(Hons.) degree.  A Plan in Mathematics and Engineering is also offered through the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.  For full details of this program, see the Calendar of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Advice to Students

Actuarial Science

Students interested in actuarial science should refer to the Actuarial Focus described in the Mathematics Major Plan. Examinations set by the Society of Actuaries are each intended to cover a range of topics in an integrated fashion. The first few of these exams deal mainly with mathematics and statistics, plus some topics from economics and business.  The Queen’s courses listed in the Actuarial Focus will give students background in specific areas needed to prepare students for the Society of Actuaries examinations.  Information about the examinations can be obtained from the Society of Actuaries.

Supporting Statistics Courses for Students in Other Disciplines

Students wishing to use statistics in their area of study should include in their degree plan at least 3.0 units beyond the introductory level.

Special Study Opportunities

Applied Mathematics Courses
Some applied mathematics (MTHE) courses designed for students in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science may also be open to students in the Faculty of Arts and Science.  See the Department for details on registration in these courses.

Courses of Instruction in the School of Graduate Studies and Research

With the permission of the instructor, the Department and the Registrar of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, undergraduate students may take for credit graduate courses in MATH or STAT for which they have the prerequisite background.  This permission will require a minimum GPA of 3.50 in the mathematics and statistics courses of the first three years of their programs.  Course descriptions are given in the Calendar of the School of Graduate Studies and Research.