Medieval Studies

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Subject Code    MDVL
Faculty Coordinator    S.Straker, Department of English
Office    Watson Hall, Room 237
Telephone    613-533-6000 Ext. 77507

Medieval Studies allows you to develop an interest in the history, literature, society, culture and language of the Middle Ages.  Here you can discover what happened in Europe and the Mediterranean world after the fall of Rome, and can explore the roots of the modern world by learning about such things as Gothic art, medieval romances and sagas, the Crusades, Byzantine emperors, or early Muslim faith and politics.  Language acquisition plays a vital part in the advanced pursuit of medieval studies, so you are encouraged to acquire skills in Latin, Old English, Arabic, Greek or more.

Advice to Students
The Medieval Studies Minor/General is a multi-disciplinary Plan which brings together courses offered primarily in Art, Classics, English, and History.  The requirements for each course are determined by the hosting academic unit and students should be aware that many of the option courses, particularly those in English and History, require prerequisites.  In addition, you will not be able to take some of the possible option courses unless you are doing a Major in the relevant Plan.  See Department listings for clarification or consult with the coordinator of Medieval Studies. To minimize limitations, students are advised to take the supporting courses ENGL 100/6.0, HIST 121/6.0 or HIST 122/6.0; a first year course in ARTH would also be useful, as would CLST 201/3.0. Up to 6.0 units of approved language courses count towards this Plan.

Department of ClassicsB.Reeves
Department of English
Department of History R.Greenfield
Department of PhilosophyJ.Miller