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S.E.Babbitt, D.J.Bakhurst, J.E.Bickenbach, C.Cline, J.M.Davies, J.Duffin, P.Fairfield, K.Gordon-Solmon, S.Johnston, D.Knight, R.Kumar, W.Kymlicka, H.Laycock, S.R.Leighton, A.Lister, A.Mercier, J.Miller, M.Moore, J.M.Mozersky, R.Murty, C.D.Overall, N.Salay, U.Schüklenk, S.Sismondo, M.C.R.Smith, M.Smith, C.A.Sypnowich, E.Tsai

Departmental Notes
Subject Code    PHIL
World Wide Web Address
Head of Department    J.M.Mozersky
Departmental Office    Watson Hall, Room 312
Departmental Telephone    613-533-2182
Chair of Undergraduate Studies    D.Knight
Coordinator of Graduate Studies    C.Sypnowich

The Philosophy program at Queen’s seeks to provide students with critical thinking skills, enabling them to uncover hidden assumptions, identify core premises, and evaluate arguments.  As well, students will gain an understanding of the important ideas and thinkers in the discipline.  Courses range from historical to contemporary, from broad topical investigations to problem-based inquiries.

Advice to Students

First Year Courses
100-level courses have no prerequisites. They are designed to introduce students to some of the most important writers, problems and methods of philosophy.  Instructors choose their own topics, textbooks, methods and emphases.  Each course is intended to be equally suitable either as a sole course in philosophy or as a prelude to further study.

6.0 units in PHIL at the 100 level are a prerequisite for further core courses in all PHIL Plans. However, students should note that no more than 6.0 units in PHIL courses at the 100-level may be used towards the requirements of any PHIL Plan.

Please note, a student considering a Major or Medial in Philosophy is strongly urged to take either PHIL 111/6.0 or PHIL 115/6.0 to fulfill the 100-level requirement.   

Upper-Year Courses without Philosophy Prerequisites
The following philosophy courses are open to students without philosophy prerequisites and therefore may be suitable for students who wish to acquire further elective courses in Philosophy while not pursuing a Philosophy Plan: PHIL 201/3.0; PHIL 259/3.0; PHIL 261/3.0; PHIL 271/3.0; PHIL 273/3.0;PHIL 293/3.0; PHIL 296/3.0; PHIL 301/3.0; PHIL 303/3.0; PHIL 307/3.0; PHIL 310/3.0; PHIL 318/3.0; PHIL 324/3.0; PHIL 373/3.0; PHIL 374/3.0; PHIL 381/3.0.

Timelines for Completing a Philosophy Plan        
YEAR 1    6.0 units in PHIL at the 100-level (all Plans)        
YEAR 2    PHIL 250/6.0 and PHIL 257/6.0 (Major and Medial Plans)    
YEAR 3    PHIL 361/3.0 (Major Plans) and 3.0 units from: PHIL 328/3.0; PHIL 329/3.0; PHIL 330/3.0; PHIL 335/3.0; PHIL 373/3.0; PHIL 374/3.0 (Major and Medial Plans)                         
YEAR 4    6.0 units in PHIL at the 400 or 500 level (Major and Medial Plans)
All other required 200-level and 300-level units may be taken in years 2, 3, and 4 (subject to prerequisites, if any), though students are urged to take courses at the level that matches their year. Students who, through late decision or change of Plan, cannot adhere to the recommended pattern, should seek advice from the Department of Philosophy.