Political Studies

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G.G.Amyot, K.G.Banting, C.Conaghan, W.Cox, Z.Csergo, C.Farrelly, E.Goodyear-Grant, J.A.Grant, D.Haglund, O.Haklai, M.Hawes, J.Hiebert, A.Lister, M.Little, E.MacDonald, J.McGarry, M.Moore, K.R.Nossal, C.C.Pentland, J.Rose, S.Soederberg, S.von Hlatky, P.Wood

Departmental Notes

Subject Code    POLS
World Wide Web Address    www.queensu.ca/politics
Head of Department    G.G.Amyot
Departmental Office    Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room C321
Departmental Telephone    613-533-6230
E-Mail Address    ugpols@queensu.ca          
Chair of Undergraduate Studies    A.Lister
Undergraduate Assistant    F.Shepherd
Chair of Graduate Studies    Z.Csergo
Graduate Assistant   D.Flint
Administrative Assistant

The Department of Political Studies at Queen’s offers a full curriculum in all areas of political sciences, designed to take you on different and exciting intellectual journeys.  You might explore the foundations of early democratic thought, examine integration in the European Union, study how states make the transition to democracy, or explore the impact of welfare reforms on single mothers.  You will develop critical thinking and writing skills, which are not only useful for a variety of pursuits after graduation, but crucial for citizenship in a democracy.

Departmental Policies

Upper-level courses in Political Studies have prerequisites, including minimum GPA requirements.  Please consult the course descriptions in the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar for more details.

Studying in French
With prior permission of the instructor, assignments and examinations may be submitted in French.

Advice to Students

Lecture and Seminar Courses
300-level courses are lecture courses. Most 400-level courses are seminars, but some are lecture courses.  For further details, please consult the departmental homepage.

Special Study Opportunities

Third Year Abroad
Political Studies students are encouraged to consider taking part in an exchange program in their third year. Students should note that 400-level POLS courses have a minimum GPA in previous POLS courses as a prerequisite. Since courses taken on an exchange program do not contribute towards GPA calculations, students should ensure that their grades are sufficient to satisfy the 400-level prerequisite before embarking on an exchange program. Those students in Medial or Major Plans must take POLS 384/3.0 in their second or fourth year at Queen’s.

Third Year Abroad at the Bader International Study Centre (BISC)
Political Studies students who wish to spend one or two terms at the Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle in Britain should consult with the Department.  Students may receive credit for courses in other subjects and may defer POLS 384/3.0 to their final year.

Documents Library
An extensive collection of government documents, which is strongest in Canadian federal, provincial and local government.  The international collection of publications of the United Nations and several international agencies is also strong.  The Library also has an archive of data, including census data, survey material, etc.  The Library is housed in the Stauffer Library (Basement Level).