Religious Studies

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R.Ascough, E.Goldberg, F.Jahanbakhsh, J.Miller, W.Morrow, T.Trothen, J.Young, P.Dickey Young

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Subject Code   RELS
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Director    R.Ascough
Chair of Undergraduate Studies    W.Morrow
Departmental Office    Theological Hall, Room 212
Departmental Telephone    613-533-2106
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Fax    613-533-6879
Administrative Assistant    L.Thomas

At Queen’s you will learn a variety of approaches to the study of religion: historical, literary, philosophical, ethical and social-scientific.  We encourage you to appreciate and respect different scholarly viewpoints, and different cultural, religious, and gender perspectives. Religious Studies will introduce you to methods for understanding them in their various cultural settings.  You will have opportunities to examine the status and roles of both women and men in religious contexts.