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M.L.Adams, S.W.Baron, R.Beamish, A.Burfoot, R.Day, D.DaCosta, A.Goebel, M.Hand, V.Jefremovas, F.M.Kay,
C.Levine-Rasky, M.Lewis, D.Lyon, D.Murakami-Wood, V.F.Sacco, S.Sismondo, S.Srivastava, M.Taylor
Departmental Notes
Subject Code    SOCY
World Wide Web Address
Head of Department    R.Beamish
Departmental Office    Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D431
Departmental Telephone    613-533-2162
Departmental Fax    613-533-2871
Administrative Assistant    W.Schuler
E-Mail Address
Chair of Undergraduate Studies    M.Hand
Undergraduate Telephone    613-533-2166
Coordinator of Graduate Studies    A.Burfoot

In Queen’s Sociology Department, you will consider theories about how societies are organized and experienced, use social research methods to critically investigate what is happening, and explore areas such as crime, law and deviance, communications and media, gender and race, culture and consumption.  We place a major emphasis on how to study a broad range of social processes, throughout the life course, from global systems to personal life.