Courses of Instruction in Other Faculties and Schools

School of Business
Commerce Office    Goodes Hall, Room 314
Commerce Telephone    613-533-2301

Students may take as many as 24.0 units in Commerce courses as electives toward any program in the Faculty of Arts and Science. First-year Arts and Science students are not permitted to enrol in commerce courses for the Fall or Winter Terms.  While no first-year student will be permitted to add a Fall Term Commerce course, adding a Winter Term course will be permitted on an individual basis. Second-, third- and fourth-year non-Commerce students may enrol in a maximum of 12.0 Commerce units in an academic year.

The following Commerce courses are typically open to non-Commerce students. Students must meet the prerequisites (or their equivalents) in order to access commerce courses during registration.  For a complete description, see the Commerce Program Web Calendar at

COMM 200/3.0        Introduction to Business
COMM 211/3.0        Introduction to Financial Accounting
COMM 212/3.0        Introduction to Management Accounting
COMM 221/3.0        Introduction to Finance
COMM 231/3.0        Introduction to Marketing
COMM 244/3.0        Project Management and Economics
COMM 251/3.0        Organizational Behaviour
COMM 270/3.0        Business Communications in North America

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Faculty Office    Beamish Munro Hall, Room 314
Faculty Office Telephone    613-533-2055

See Academic Degree Programs section of the Calendar, 4.C.i., for the regulations concerning which courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science may be counted towards an Arts and Science degree.

Faculty of Law
Faculty Office    Sir John A Macdonald Hall, 128 Union Street
Faculty Office Telephone    613-533-2220

The following Law course is open to Arts and Science students.  Students must meet the prerequisite indicated in order to access this course during registration.

LAW 201/6.0        Introduction to Canadian Law
An introduction to Canadian law and the legal system: legal processes and institutions, principles of legal reasoning and approaches to the analysis of law. Students will learn about the law governing relationships between individuals and between individuals and the state. Taught by members of the Queen’s Faculty of Law, with guest lecturers.
LEARNING HOURS    228 (72L;12O;144P)
PREREQUISITE    Level 2 or above.

School of Nursing
The following Nursing courses are open to Arts and Science students. For a complete description, see the School of Nursing Web Calendar at

NURS 100/3.0        Nutrition and Health
NURS 323/3.0        Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis