Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations and University Policies

These regulations state the requirements to be met and the procedures to be followed for the awarding of degrees in the Faculty of Arts and Science. All requests for exceptions to the regulations should be made to the appropriate reviewing body (see Appeal of Academic Decisions). Enquiries concerning Faculty regulations should be made to the Faculty of Arts and Science Faculty Office.

Faculty Regulations are constantly being reviewed and may change at any time. See for the regulations that are currently in effect.

In all regulations that refer to decisions made by the instructor, the instructor may choose to delegate responsibility for those decisions as appropriate.

The following is a summary of the Academic Regulations and University Policies:

Regulation 1:     Academic Integrity

Regulation 2:     Enrolment and Registration Priorities

Regulation 3:     Number of Units in a Term and Academic Year

Regulation 4:     Courses Spanning More Than One Term

Regulation 5:     Auditors

Regulation 6:     Attendance, Course Work and Conduct

Regulation 7:     Assessment of Performance

Regulation 8:     Final Examinations and General Examinations

Regulation 9:     Examination Conduct

Regulation 10:   System of Grading and Transcript Notations

Regulation 11:   Review of Grades and Examinations

Regulation 12:   Dean’s Honour Lists

Regulation 13:   Academic Standing

Regulation 14:   Credit for Courses Taken Elsewhere

Regulation 15:   Voluntary Withdrawal and Return to Studies

Regulation 16:   Requirements for Graduation

Regulation 17:   Misconduct in an Academic or Non-Academic Setting

Regulation 18:   Jurisdiction