Academic Regulation 2: Enrolment and Registration Priorities

2.1 - Career

All students admitted to the Faculty of Arts and Science will be registered in either an Undergraduate or Distance Studies Career. The Distance Studies Career is primarily intended for those students who are taking courses only online. The Undergraduate Career is primarily intended for those students studying on campus.

All courses in Arts and Science shall be offered through one of the Undergraduate or Distance Studies Careers. Students in a Distance Studies Career may only enrol in online courses, and may be given priority access to these courses. Students in an Undergraduate Career may enrol in courses offered through either Career.

Students may transfer from the Distance Studies Career to the Undergraduate Career as determined in Admission Regulation 5.4.  At a minimum, a student must have completed 24.0 units and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 1.60 to transfer to on-campus studies.

2.2 – Students at Level 1 (Fewer than 24.0 Units Completed)

               2.2.1 – Programs and Plans for Level 1 Students

Most students entering Level 1 of study will be registered in a Degree Program, but not a specific Plan. 

Those students entering the Faculty of Arts and Science in one of the following four specialized Degree Programs

(i)               Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours);

(ii)              Bachelor of Music;

(iii)             Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (Honours); or

(iv)             Bachelor of Science (Honours), Specialization in Kinesiology  

will be registered in the appropriate Plan upon admission. 

Upon entering Level 1, students may select from any of the courses available to first-year students that are offered in the Faculty of Arts and Science subject to the following limitations:

  1. Those courses in which, in order to enroll, students must demonstrate a suitable level of competency through a placement test, audition or interview with the department or the course instructor.
  2. Those courses in which, in order to enroll, students must have completed the necessary secondary school (or equivalent) prerequisite requirements.
  3. Those courses reserved for students registered in one of the four specialized Degree Programs noted above.
  4. High-demand Arts courses, in which enrolment priority will be given to those admitted as Arts students; similarly, high-demand Science courses, in which enrolment priority will be given to those admitted as Science students. Such courses will normally be announced in early June of each year. NOTE: During the open enrollment period, most enrolment limitations of this nature are removed and any available spots in high-demand courses become available to all Arts and Science students, provided that any other existing prerequisite requirements are satisfied. 

2.3 – Students Entering Level 2 (24.0 to Fewer than 48.0 Units Completed)

               2.3.1 – Application for Programs and Plans

All students, other than those in the four specialized Degree Programs noted in Regulation 2.1.1, who anticipate entering Level 2 following the completion of Winter Term, must apply for access to a specific Program and Plan(s).  The Program and Plan selection period will normally take place during two weeks in May of each year, following release of the Winter Term final grades.

               2.3.2 – Academic Thresholds for Priority and Eligibility of Applicants

In consultation with the Faculty of Arts and Science, departments administering a given Plan are responsible for developing specific academic thresholds for priority and eligibility of students for acceptance in the Plan in question. These thresholds will be formulated taking into account both academic requirements and the number of spaces available in that Plan. The thresholds may vary from year to year based on the predicted size and strength of the applicant pool. The threshold criteria will consist of a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) and/or a minimum grade in a single course. These criteria will normally be published on the Faculty of Arts and Science website by March of each academic year.  Two thresholds will be determined for each Plan:

(i)                Automatic Acceptance Threshold
Students whose academic achievements in first year meet or exceed this threshold are considered to be academically qualified for the Plan, and will normally be automatically eligible for acceptance in the Plan.

(ii)              Pending List Threshold
Students whose academic achievements in first year meet or exceed the pending list threshold, but fall below the automatic acceptance threshold, are considered to be academically qualified for the Plan.The students’ level of performance is such, however, that in limited-enrolment Plans, or those Plans in which complex academic evaluations take place (usually those Plans administered in partnership with one or more departments), these students will be placed on a pending list until such a time as their academic credentials can be reviewed in detail by the department administering the Plan.

Students whose academic achievements in first year fall below the pending list threshold are not considered to be academically qualified for the Plan, and will be denied acceptance.

During the Program and Plan selection period, students must choose one Plan for which they meet the automatic acceptance threshold criteria.  They shall then be registered in that Plan.  In addition, students may select up to one Plan for which they are eligible to be placed on the pending list but are not eligible for automatic acceptance. Following the selection period, departments will review the students on the pending list for each Plan under their administration.  Any remaining spaces in that Plan shall be made available to students on the pending list in rank order of academic qualification.  Such students shall be de-registered from the Plan in which they were originally accepted and registered in the new Plan.

Those students who wish to pursue a Major-Minor Plan combination shall first select a Major Plan for which they are eligible for automatic acceptance or placement on a pending list and then select a Minor Plan in a similar fashion. 

               2.3.3 – Enrolment Priorities in Plans

While the departments and Faculty of Arts and Science will make every effort to ensure that the automatic acceptance threshold in any Plan is such that the Plan will not be oversubscribed, should it become apparent during the selection period that a particular Plan has become over-enrolled, the Faculty of Arts and Science reserves the right to move those students ranked lowest academically from automatic acceptance to the pending list for that Plan and require said students to choose another Plan for which they meet the automatic acceptance threshold.

               2.3.4 – Late Requests for Plans

Students who fail to participate in the Program and Plan selection period or who are admitted after the Program and Plan selection period has finished must make direct application to the department offering their Plan of choice.  They will be considered subject to academic criteria and space availability.

2.4 – Students Continuing in Level 2 or above

Once registered in a Program and Plan(s), students may not be removed from that Program and Plan(s) unless they successfully request transfer to another Program and Plan(s). 

Students should note, however, that departments administering a Plan may impose minimum prerequisites to determine academic eligibility for access to some or all of its upper-level courses (those numbered 200 and above, and see Regulation 2.5 below).  These prerequisites, however, will be determined such that a student deemed initially acceptable to the Plan, and operating at a similar level of ongoing academic performance, will not be restricted from continuing.  Students who fail to meet these prerequisites will effectively be barred from continuing in the Program and Plan(s) in which they are enrolled.  Such students should seek academic advice from the Department(s) concerned and/or the Office of the Associate Dean (Studies).

2.5 – Change of Programs and Plans

Students wishing to transfer to the Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) or the Bachelor of Music program must apply through the Faculty Office, Student Services (see Admission Regulation 13).  For all other Programs and Plans, students will not normally be permitted to request transfer before the beginning of the Winter Term following the time at which they participated in the Program and Plan selection period.  To request a change of Plan, the student must apply through the Faculty of Arts and Science website to the department administering the new Plan. Departments may set, and publish on their websites, minimum criteria for accepting transfer students at various levels of that Plan. Acceptance into a new Plan will be contingent on there being space within that Plan.

2.6 – Access to Classes

               2.6.1 – Eligibility to Enroll in Classes

Students, other than those in Level 1, must be enrolled in an approved Plan to gain access to classes and become registered.

Eligibility for registration in all classes rests on course prerequisites, corequisites and exclusions as stated in the Calendar. In special circumstances, departments may waive these requirements. Only 30.0 units may be requested during the summer class selection period.

               2.6.2 – Priority to Enroll in Classes

Priority for requested classes is determined by individual departments based on the following three criteria. Exchange students who satisfy the criteria listed below will be granted entry on the same basis as other students. At the discretion of the department, exchange students may be admitted to classes even if they do not meet these criteria. – Academic criteria

During the summer class selection period departments may choose to restrict access to certain classes to ensure that priority is given to students in the appropriate Plan.  Student access to classes is subject to the following priorities listed in descending order. Priority will be given to students for whom the class is:
1)      Core in their Plan;
2)      An option in their Plan;
3)      Part of their recognized concurrent-education teaching subject;
4)      An elective, or an option in the Plan beyond the normal load.

Within each category, priority will be given to students who have the specified prerequisites and:
1)      Are furthest along in their Plan;
2)      Are not repeating the course. – Number of spaces available

The University reserves the right to limit enrolment in any class that becomes oversubscribed. – Student participation in the official registration process

Students requesting classes after the summer class selection period, including those admitted too late to participate in the class selection period, will be considered subject to space availability.

2.7 – Enrolment in Graduate Courses

Arts and Science students may be permitted to take courses offered through the School of Graduate Studies for credit toward their undergraduate degree program under the following conditions:

(i)             Enrolment requires the approval of the instructor, the Chair of Undergraduate Studies in their Department of concentration and the School of Graduate Studies;

(ii)            Permission to enrol is only available to level 4 students (84.0 or more units completed) whom the Departments deems to be outstanding (generally taken to mean a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50); and

(iii)          The same course(s) may not count for credit in both a graduate and undergraduate degree program in with the student is registered or subsequently registers.