Academic Regulation 9: Examination Conduct

9.1 – Admission To and Dismissal From the Examination Hall
Students are required to bring their Queen's Photo ID to the examination and to display it at the top corner of the examination table. Any candidate arriving at an examination hall after the beginning of the examination will receive only the remaining time in which to write the examination. The late candidate's paper will be marked only at the discretion of the Faculty. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall within 30 minutes of the distribution of examination papers.

9.2 – Restrictions on Articles Taken Into the Examination Hall
No articles such as textbooks, notes, books of tables, data sheets, graphs, paper, written material, calculators, etc., may be taken into the examination hall unless authorized by the instructor in writing at least 3 days before the examination.

Students should bring only essential items to the examination. Food, drinks (except bottled water in a transparent bottle), backpacks, computers and purses are not permitted in the examination hall. Use of communication devices (e.g., cell phones, smartphones, media players, earphones, headsets, etc.) and electronic devices with memory capabilities or web-access are prohibited during an examination. All electronic devices must be turned off and placed under the student's seat. The University assumes no reponsibility for personal property lost in or near any examination hall.

9.3 – Examination Regulations
A student is responsible for adhering to all Examination Regulations as published by the Office of the University Registrar and/or the Senate. All examination hall irregularities will be reported in writing by the Chief Proctor to the instructor of the course and to the Associate Dean (Studies). Normally, such irregularities will be dealt with under the regulations pertaining to departures from academic integrity (see Academic Regulation 1).