Admission Regulations


The following Admission Regulations describe the requirements for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science. The admission requirements stated in this chapter are minimum requirements, and the standing required for admission may be higher. Preference will be given to applicants with the strongest qualifications. Admission Regulations 1 – 11 present the admission requirements for the various categories of admission. Admission Regulation 12 describes the procedures applicants must follow for admission to on-campus studies, and Admission Regulation 13 describes the procedures applicants must follow for admission to distance studies.

Entering students are ordinarily allowed no credits for previous experience or education up to the level of completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent. They may, with the consent of the departments concerned, be permitted to take advanced courses or alternative courses if their previous experience and education so warrant.

All applicants should note that the Queen's University Senate Policy on Student Appeals, Rights and Discipline states that applicants seeking admission to the University or a Program at Queen's may not appeal a decision regarding an individual application, whether or not the applicant is, or has been, a student in another Program at Queen's. By extension, applicants may not appeal any regulation stated in the Admission chapter of the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.

The following is a summary of the Admission Regulations:

Regulation 1:  English Language Proficiency

Regulation 2:  Admission with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Regulation 3:  Admission with OSSD Equivalent Standing

Regulation 4:  Admission from Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology

Regulation 5:  Admission by Transfer

Regulation 6:  Admission to a Dual Degree Program

Regulation 7:  Admission to a Second Degree Program

Regulation 8:  Admission Policy for Aboriginal Candidates

Regulation 9:  Auditors

Regulation 10:  Part-Time Admission on Probation

Regulation 11:  Admission to Non-Degree Studies

Regulation 12:  Application Procedures to Study on Campus

Regulation 13:  Application Procedures for Distance Studies